How to Clean & Remove Stains & Odors from Sofa & Couch Upholstery in Oceanside, CA

When you are cleaning your house you will want to take on the bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, dusting and more to ensure that it looks and feels good. This is so that you can not only have a clean house but also increase the safety of the home as well as the air quality. The problem is that if you are skipping cleaning some key areas you can be allowing the spread of all kinds of germs and dirt. You want to make sure that you run your vacuum, and that you have the carpets and floors cleaned properly and professionally. Another area that is often overlooked and not cleaned properly happens to be the sofa, couch, chairs, ottomans and other furniture that is upholstered. These areas are full of things that if realized were they you would have them cleaned.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning Outlines what Stains & Odors Could Be on Your Sofa & Other Furniture

Pet Stains & Odors on Upholstery: One of the things that you might be overlooking is the fact that your four legged pet is enjoying your sofa. They are often laying on the couch with you and that means that there can be dog or car hair, fur, dander saliva and even urine. You would not leave these things on your clothes of floors so you should not want to have them on your couches and sofas either. The best thing that you can do is to have them cleaned professionally. This is something that can pull the debris off the couch and you will notice that they look better and of course smell better.
Couch Smells like Body Odor: You may not think that there are bodily fluids on your couches and other furniture but there is. Think about a long day or after a workout. You come home and sit on the couch to take off your shoes and try and relax. What you brought with you is sweat which is considered a bodily fluid. If you have small kids they might drool while napping on the couch or have an accident. You want to make sure that you have them cleaned when it happens .You also want to get them deep cleaned so that the bodily fluids are removed.
Dust Mites on Microfiber Couches: Another thing you can find living on your couches and sofa happen to be dust mites. This is a pest and if you found a pest anywhere in your house you would work to remove it. That is why you have to do what you can to remove dust mites from your house. When you have your carpets cleaned you also need to make sure that you clean your upholstery as well. The small pests cause trouble for people that has asthma and allergies. When you have them cleaned it will also help to remove debris that happens to be in the air and causing your air quality to decrease.

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