Professionals Share Sofa Cleaning Tips in Chula Vista, CA; Vacuum, Use Upholstery Tools & More

Upholstery has the same needs as carpets, bedding, and rugs; meaning they need to be cleaned. Cleaning upholstery has its challenges, especially for those who have never cleaned their couches and sofas before. There is recommended cleaning and then there is deep professional cleaning. To complete basic maintenance cleaning, Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning will share…

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How to Remove Crayon Marks from Carpet in Encinitas, CA; Liquid Dish Soap, Iron & More

For years, children have enjoyed spending hours coloring in their free time. Coloring books and blank pieces of paper allow your child to delight in their coloring endeavors. Parents love to see the masterpieces that their children create while coloring! Unfortunately, sometimes coloring doesn’t always stay on the paper where it belongs. Children have been…

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