Commercial Steam Carpet Cleaning Maintenance in Descanso, CA; Removing Dirt You Can’t See & More

Here at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning we offer both residential and commercial carpet cleaning. It is interesting to us how homeowners can see the importance of having their carpets cleaned on a regular, routine basis but the same cannot be said for business owners and managers. Many business owners have a hard time giving the…

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How to Professionally Clean Upholstery to Remove Allergens, Dust Mites & More in Campo, CA

Couches, sofas, and recliner chairs are used almost daily. With daily use, furniture becomes dirty far more quickly. Spills from food and drinks gets onto the upholstery, which combined with dirt, dust and so much more, you are left with an eyesore. In order to keep upholstery from developing stains or bacteria and germs, the…

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