Best Wet Mops for Scrubbing Tile Floors in Chula Vista, CA; Mop & Bucket or Steam Cleaning

Tile and grout are one of the most common floors used in homes, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms, being that it is durable and easy to maintain. Washing the floor to remove the residues and spots after clearing of the debris from the surface is the basics in routine maintenance. Professional services include periodically deep cleaning, sealing, polishing, and other such treatments depending on the type of tile. Though there are many options when it comes to basic care and professional services, there are many homeowners looking to find the most effective clean with their efforts. Considering that mopping is a vital element to keeping your tile and grout looking gorgeous and preserving their lifespan, we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to talk about steam mopping versus traditional mopping.

Traditional Method of Mop & Bucket

Washing down the floor traditionally, indicates grabbing the trusty bucket of hot water, or favorite cleaner, and their preferred mop. Traditional mops vary, with the people using their favorite type of mop such as rope mops, flat mops, dust mops, sponge mops, among others and then there are those that use a more demanding method in scrubbing the floor on their hands in with a rag in hand.

Clean Floors with a Steam Mop

With a design to be more efficient, and accelerate the drying time, steam mopping is done through the use of various models that all have different features. When it comes to selecting one, it is based on the owner’s preference and what they want from the steam mop. To simplify your cleaning routine, this tool is more mobile and doesn’t require a lot of accessories to haul around. Steam mopping does a remarkable job at removing the spots and residues similar to the traditional mops, but they can eliminate the invisible germs as well. Steam mops get hot enough to eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria that lead to common illnesses. Additionally, steam mopping devices are safer and more a cost-effective option since they typically do not use hazardous cleaners. Where these chemicals can be harmful to sensitive people, such as children as well as pets. Avoiding chemical cleaners can be safer and still get an effective clean with the steam.

Benefits of Traditional Mopping

1) Steam mops rely on water for cleaning, they can help neutralize odors. You will want to do more traditional options for mopping if you are looking to enhance the scent.
2) Traditional mopping is more work, for those with energy to burn and preferring more activity, this option is best.
3) The initial cost for a mop and bucket is cheaper than a steam cleaner. However, keep in mind more money spent on replacement mop heads and cleaners over time.

Steam Mops Sanitize & Have Other Advantages

1) With the right steam mops that provides the right features, you can use them beyond cleaning the tile and grout flooring.
2) Eliminate scrubbing.
3) Decreasing the dry time since less water is used.
4) Potentially harmful cleaning chemicals are avoided.
5) Minimizes the tools are needed.
6) Steam cleaning kills the germs that traditional mopping is incapable of.
7) Safer for kids, pets, and the economy.

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When it comes to cleaning, it is a matter of preference. When you need professional deep cleaning and other treatment options, call in Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning for efficient services.

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