How to Enforce No Shoes on the Carpet of Your Alpine, CA House & Wear Slippers or Socks Instead

Every family has different routines and traditions that make their family unique. How you celebrate birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions help define the make-up of your family. Some of your daily routines also add to making your family who they are. One routine that many families have is taking off your shoes when you…

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Should Carpet Be Replaced After Water Damage in Rancho Santa Fe, CA; Drying Wet Carpet & More

Water damage from burst pipes, appliance failure, or even caved in rooftops after heavy rains is nothing that is unheard of. Homeowners are likely to experience this devastating event at least once in their home-owning careers. One of the biggest threats with water damage is the potential mold growth. Today, we at Steam Magic Carpet…

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