How to Clean & Get Crusty Old Dried Dog or Baby Poop Stains Out of Carpet in Escondido, CA

There are some stains that happen to get on your carpets and floors that can be hard to deal with for many reasons. One of them happens to be when there is poop or feces on the carpet. There are several ways that feces might end up on your carpets. You might have a dog that is still learning where to go to the bathroom. It can be a pet that has gotten sick and was not able to get outside. Anyone that has a child that is in diapers knows that the diaper is not a perfect way to keep them covered. They can come apart, leak from the sides or the child may take it off. The problem is that whatever is in the diaper is not on the surfaces in your home. If it ends up in your carpet you want to make sure that you take care of it as soon as possible. If there is poop or feces in the house it can cause not only a stain on the carpet it can also leave an odor that can spread through the house.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning Outlines How to Remove Diarrhea & Poop Stains Off Your Carpets

How to Remove Poop Carpet Stains when Fresh: You want to make sure that when you are dealing with feces that you do what you can to remove as much of the excess as you can. You never want to allow it to sit on the carpet and dry out. This will make the process harder to deal with and will allow the smell to linger even longer. The best way to do that is to cover your nose and scoop what you can with a cloth or bag that you can then toss out in a trash that is outside the house. You want to make sure that during this process you are not spreading the feces out any further.
Scoop Chunks of Poop from Carpet: When it comes to poop you want to do what you can to remove the excess which is done with a bag. The next step is to get even more of the excess that you can do by using a smaller paper towel. You want to try to pinch the area so that it comes to the inside of the stain. This will help you pick up any of the excess that can be pulled away from the carpet fibers. You want to use a fresh paper towel each time you go back to the spot. This will help to not spread the stain out further.
Prepare Cleaning Products: Now that the excess of the debris has been moved off the carpet you want to make sure that you have a cleaning solution that is prepared. This should be two cups of cold water and needs to have a tablespoon of dish washing soap and as well as a tablespoon of white vinegar. This can then be used to wash the area and clean any of the residual stain that is remaining. This can be repeated if necessary.

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