How Do You Prevent Mold on Carpet from Flooding in Alpine, CA; Dry & Clean Wet Carpets & More

It is not unheard of for water damage to occur after a burst pipe, appliance failure, or even caved in rooftops after heavy rains. At least once in their homeowning careers, homeowners are likely to experience this devastating event. The potential mold growth is one of the biggest threats with water damage. Steam Magic Carpet…

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When to Refinish Hardwood Floors in Fallbrook, CA; Deep Scratches, Discoloration, Water Damage & More

Hardwood flooring is an amazing investment to any home. Wood floors simply enhance the look and beauty of any home. In general, hardwood floors are easy to maintain and clean. However, over time they will need to be refinished. When refinishing hardwood floors, the surface sealer is removed, the wood sanded down until its smooth…

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