Your Carpets May Look Clean But They Are Dirty & Have Germs in Solana Beach, CA

One of the common misconceptions about carpeting is that as long as they look clean you don’t need to have them cleaned. That is a huge fail and there is way more dirt than you might think living on your carpets. The carpet was the cleanest when you had them installed and the next time is after you have a professional come out and clean them. The thought that the carpet has to look dirty before you have them clean but that is just not the truth. The carpets are taking a lot of wear and tear which is a sure fire way to collect dirt. To help understand how your carpets are dirty even if they may not look it is to use another type of textile. Take a pair of socks for instance. If you were to use a pair of socks every day for an entire month you would think that was pretty gross. Even though you are wearing shoes or if you choose to stay indoors the socks will be dirty. You would never use socks on the daily without washing them so you shouldn’t live on your carpets without having them cleaned either. Your carpets are dealing with pet dander, stains and odor as well as spills that may occur from your family but there is more.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning Lists Several Reasons That Your Carpets Are Dirty Even If They Seem to Be Clean

Air Has Dirt & Other Particles: You might think that just because you live alone or you don’t have a lot of foot traffic that your carpets must be clean. That is just not the case. The carpets in your home can and will be dirty even if no one sets a foot inside. That is due to the air that is flowing through the home. The air comes from outdoors and it is full of debris and other particles. A lot of that is taken care of when the air is filtered through the HVAC system. The filters catch a lot of the particles but even if you change the filters often some of the particles are sure to get past. The particles can be dust, mites, bacteria, dirt and bacteria that is in the air floating freely. The problem is that at some point these particles will have to land. They will stop at the carpets and that is why they are going to be soiled. The dirt starts to settle even if you don’t walk or use particular rooms. The bits are microscopic which means they are there even if you can’t see them.
Carpets Hide Soil: The manufacturers that make synthetic carpets have come a long way. When they first started to use these fibers there was no much thought in the design. That means that the soil that did land on the carpet was sure to show up. The problem was that it made the carpet look even worse than it actually was. Now the manufacturers use a different model to form the fibers so that they are able to hide the dirt and debris much better. The problem is that now you may think the carpet is clean when in fact it is just hiding among the fibers.

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