Tips to Keep Your Carpet Clean this Summer in La Mesa, CA; Runners, No Shoes & More

The summer time is great for swimming, hiking and all kinds of outdoor fun. It also means that school is out and that means the kids will be in and out of your house. The more people are in and out of the house the more likely it will be that dirt follows them. That means that your house will not stay as clean and that means the carpets will be dirty too. You don’t want to leave the dirt to fester and that means that more cleaning is in need. The floors of your home during the summer seem to take on a lot of the dirt, debris and damage. That is why it is so important to have a plan on how to combat this kind of mess and keep your tile and carpet looking its best.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning Lists Some Tips to Keep Your Carpet Clean During Summer

Keep Shoes off Carpet: Just like mentioned earlier one of the most common ways that dirt is drug in the house is on the bottom of your shoes. The shoes are what you wear outdoors and they collect dirt from the sidewalks, street and other surfaces. Then the kids and other family member walks in your home bringing all the outside remnants on your carpet. That is why it is important that you have somewhere to have people place their shoes when they come inside. You can do this a few easy ways. One way is to have a plastic bin at the front door that is great for stacking shoes and sandals in when they come over. You might also want to use a shoe rack if you want to keep the area a little bit neater. Place a sign that asks people to remove shoes when they come in and that will eliminate a huge portion of the dirt that comes in your home.
Place Rugs & Runners By The Exterior Doors: Another great way to help keep dirt out of your house and off your carpets is to have rugs near all the doors that lead outdoors. The dirt that comes on your shoes and your feet can be removed when you walk along the indoor rugs. This is also a great way to get the dirt off your pets that go in and out during the day. They can’t take off shoes so walking on the rugs can help to keep the dirt off the carpets.
Have Your Carpets Vacuumed & Cleaned: You also want to be more diligent when running your vacuum cleaner. This will help to pull out the dirt that might be on the carpets. It is a great way to keep the carpet looking clean and remove the debris that starts to get ground into the carpet causing damage. Then call a carpet cleaner and have the carpets cleaned professionally.

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