Why it is Necessary to Do More than Vacuum Carpet in Lakeside, CA; Remove Stains, Allergens & More

If you want to keep your home clean it is a good idea to know what the best techniques are. There are ways to clean certain areas of the home. If you want to clean windows you need to use a cloth that is microfiber to not leave behind debris. If you want to remove the dust around your house you have to use a cloth and a certain type of spray that can help to prevent the dust from staying behind. The carpets are a different area and you have to make sure that you know all the aspects of cleaning them. The carpets can act like a sponge collecting and holding onto many types of debris and dirt. It is a good idea to have a plan on how to keep them clean. You do not want to be stuck replacing them when they should have lasted much longer. There are many people that think that they can run their vacuum and that is enough to keep them clean. This is a myth because it takes much more than that. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning outlines why you need to do more than just vacuum your carpets.

Does Vacuuming Get Rid of All the Dust & Dirt?

Most people will take their vacuum and run it across the carpets when they start to see debris. The problem is that you are missing many particles that are settling into the carpets throughout the time prior to that. Lots of the dust and dirt that is on the carpets are quite small and minuscule and that makes it hard to see. The dirt will start to settle down in the carpets and this can become an abrasive for the carpet fibers. Once the dirt has settled down in the carpet the vacuum does not have enough suction to get it out. Then the dirt will start to act like sandpaper and every time you walk through the room you are pressing the carpet together and creating friction. This will start to cause the fibers to become damaged and that will require you to need to replace them sooner.

Does Vacuuming Remove Allergens that Exacerbate Allergies?

Another problem that people have in their home is with allergies. The allergens that you are coming across outside cause you to have itchy watery eyes, sore throat and stuffy nose. When you are in your house you want to avoid these same problems. The issue is that the allergen that you are bringing in the house can start to get in the carpet. The vacuum may not be enough to remove the allergens and that is why you need to have the carpets cleaned professionally. This will increase the air quality in the house.

A Vacuum Cleaner Can’t Clean Spots & Stains

If you choose to only vacuum the carpets the stains and spills are going to happen will still be there. You want to make sure that you also clean these spills and stains as often as you can. You also need to have the carpets cleaned because they are being used and the dirt will create dirt and high traffic areas. You want to make sure that the dirt, stains, spills, spots and high traffic areas are all treated to keep the carpets looking and feeling clean.

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