How Do You Get Rid of Kid’s Stains on Carpets in Bonita, CA? Carpet Cleaning Ink, Chocolate & More

When you have kids in the house, there is rarely a dull moment. With all of the fun and excitement, the tantrums, and the fits, and everything in between, accidents on the carpets are bound to happen. We at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to discuss the common stains kids create and a quick remedy to remove them, with this in mind.

Can You Get Dried Ink Out of Carpet?

Kids are likely to discover the rogue pen the moment your back is turned. When they use your carpet as a notebook to scribble their thoughts or the ink pen bleeds, the ink can be terrifying to see. With rubbing alcohol, soak a cotton ball and gently sponge the alcohol on the carpet stain. For about 30 minutes, let it stand for. Blot the ink clean with equal parts warm water and white vinegar. Use a dry towel to dry the spot, afterwards.

How Do You Remove Chocolate Stains from Carpet?

When too much sugar is giving the kids extra energy, the chocolate is easily smeared on the carpet’s surface. Never neglect addressing the chocolate fingerprints or melted bars in the carpet because the longer chocolate sits, the harder it is to remove. After you scooped any pieces of chocolate, and then blot any residues clean, vacuum any dry particles. Combine ¼ teaspoon of mild liquid dish soap with one cup of warm water of to dampen a clean cloth if the residual chocolate remains. On the carpet, place the soaked cloth (not dripping) and gently blot the mess. Use a water-damp cloth to blot the chocolate and mixture from the surface after about 5 minutes. Until excess moisture is absorbed and ensures the area is dried well after about 5 minutes. Blot well with dry towels until excess moisture is absorbed and ensures the area is dried well.

How Do You Get Pink & Other Colored Drink Stains from Carpet?

Adored by all kids are the brightly colored drinks. It can be scary when seeing the splatters of red, orange, purple, and blue drinks across the carpets. Address these spills as quickly as possible to make removal more effective. Never scrub or rub to avoid increasing the mess. Use paper towels to rapidly absorb the drink. Combine 1tsp mild dish soap, 1 cup white vinegar, and 1 cup of water and mist the stain. Use a water-damp cloth to blot away the stain and solution after the solution has set in for about 10 minutes. Be sure it dries.

What is the Best Way to Get Blood Out of Carpet?

There are children that are just as accident prone as adults though sometimes even more so. When the boo-boo occurs, the blood is likely to drip onto the carpets. Mix cold water with a few drops of grease-fighting dish detergent in a spray bottle to treat the stain after the kids are bandaged and calm. Blot with a water-damp cloth and ensure it dries by blotting excess moisture with a dry towel after you let it break down for about 10 minutes.

How to Get Chewing Gum Out of Carpet

When you find that chewed gum smooshed into the carpet, it can almost break your spirits. Dab an ice cube on the gum for least a minute, or until it becomes hard. You should be able to pull it off the carpet carefully once the gum is hard. To scrape the hard gum off, if necessary, use a dull edged tool, like a butter knife or spatula.

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