What is the Best Way to Freshen & Deodorize Carpets in Alpine, CA? Steam Carpet Cleaning & More

After spending a lot more hours inside, many homeowners may be looking for ways to freshen up the carpets. The carpets are usually the needed target when you just want the fresh smell in your home. Similar to a filter, carpets can trap a lot of particulates, microbes, and odors. As many people have just enjoyed the festivities of the holiday season, we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to offer a few ways you can refresh the carpets.

Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to maximum freshness and cleanliness, nothing beats professional carpet cleaning. Making the carpets vibrant and smelling fresh with the power extraction and quality products delivers the ultimate clean as it pulls up the dirt and debris below the carpets’ surface, neutralize the odors, and if you have any spills that leave residual residues, spots, or even stains, carpet cleaning can ensure they are clean, sanitized, and deodorized.

Can I Spray My Carpet with Vinegar?

1) Pour white distilled vinegar in a squirt bottle.
2) Since the scent can be initially unattractive, keep in mind that the strong smell of vinegar will eventually dissipate over time. The vinegar dissolves nearly all the germs and bacteria are destroyed, eliminating the odors, by killing the source.
3) Repeat the vinegar application as needed, being careful not to oversaturating the carpets. Be certain that if you need to repeat, to use dry cloth to absorb excess moisture. Use a dry towel to blot remaining moisture and after it is fully dried, vacuum the area well after you are satisfied.

Carpet Cleaning of Baking Soda & Essential Oil

1) Combine ½ cup baking soda and 30 drops of lavender essential oil, or your preferred essential oil scent.
2) Inside a vented container, pour the mixture. Prepare vented containers puncture them yourself or mason jar with slotted holes in the lid, as well as a spice or parmesan cheese container works well also.
3) Through the container, allow the mixture to vent for at least a 24-hour period. Lightly sprinkle the baking soda on the carpet’s surface and allow it to linger for 15-30 minutes, once the 24 hours are up.
4) Slowly and methodically thoroughly vacuum the carpet. As you go, make certain to overlap the lanes. The carpets and the lavender oil will help your home smell all the fresher with a welcoming scent in the air, any developed odors can be neutralized in the air.

How Do You Keep Carpet Smelling Fresh?

1) Essential Oils. The essential oil trend is still continuing to thrive because of the natural, healthy remedy effects of essential oils. Their appealing scents can help make most homes smell fragrant.
2) Routine Vacuuming. By vacuuming daily, or as often as possible, a significant benefit is to remove the dirt, debris, and odor-causing particulates.
3) Citrus Peeling. Process citrus peelings down the garbage disposal to destroy odors forming there, and then boil some citrus peeling will assault the odor molecules in the order and offer a fresh pleasant smell and afterwards.

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