Why is Area Rug Cleaning Important in Lemon Grove, CA? Safety, Comfort, Health, Appearance, Longevity & More

A lot of character and style can be added to a room by adding area rugs. A great way to protect your flooring from dirt, dust, and other debris is with an area rug as well. Unfortunately, area rugs can end up causing their own problems too, unfortunately. Today, we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to stress the importance of cleaning your area rug.

Why it is Worth it to Clean Your Area Rugs

Area rugs typically come in various shapes and sizes. They aren’t attached to the floor and tend to be smaller. Area rugs add color and style to a room. Also, area rugs protect the flooring from dirt, dust mites, pet hair, and other debris. The most common are Persian rugs, Oriental rugs, and braided rugs, though there are different types of rugs available today. Below are the reasons why your area rugs need to be cleaned regularly.
1) Mold and mildew growth prevention. Dirty area rugs provide plenty of cover for mold and mildew that needs dark, moist environments. Any organisms present will start to grow if not cleaned regularly. Your living space is made uncomfortable from the unpleasant smells produced from mold and mildew. When considering ways to improve air quality, you may not think of rugs, however, they can indeed be a factor.
2) Extend life of area rug. You want them to last as long as possible since rugs are a significant investment. Making sure they are cleaned frequently is one way to ensure that your rugs stay looking great and performing well. Before their time, neglecting these rugs can cause them to become stained, matted, and worn down.
3) Safety and comfort for kids and pets. If they happen to drop on the floor, your rugs can harbor objects like pins and needles and shards of broken glass. You want to keep these dangers in mind and clean up any potential hazards as soon as possible if you have kids or pets running around your house. It is more difficult than simply sweeping them off a hard floor when you clean hazards from the rug.
4) Hygiene and health improvement. Dust, pet hair, dirt, and other allergens is trapped in carpets and rugs as they are much like a filter. In your rug’s fibers, everything from hair, fluid spills, and food remnants can get caught over time. Since pet hair and dander can also be hazardous to your health it’s even more important to clean your rugs regularly if you have pets. If left uncleaned, these particles can eventually lead to allergic reactions and respiratory problems.
5) Maintain fresh and new looking rugs. To enhance your home’s décor, rugs are an essential accessory that helps. It can help improve the aesthetics of your home, regularly cleaning your rugs helps keep them looking fresh and new. It will likely detract from the overall look of your space if you have a dirty carpet.

How Often Should You Clean Area Rugs?

Ensure you clean your area rugs often. Depending on various factors, the frequency with which you should clean your rugs will vary. These factors include the amount of traffic it gets, the type of rug, and whether or not you have pets. Also, to keep them in good condition, experts recommend professionally cleaning your rugs at least once a year

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