How Do I Get the Best Results from Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal Treatment Methods in Solana Beach, CA?

Whether they are from substances or pet accidents, carpets will inevitability be besmirched with accidental spills or accidents. The various chemicals used in cleaning spills have different reactions to the various carpet fibers that can be more effective and also be more detrimental. No matter what is used to treat spots, you first perform a patch test, it is important that you follow instructions on the label of commercial premade carpet cleaners. We at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to share the many mistakes people make when they treat carpet spills today so you can avoid them in the future.

Carpet Cleaning & Stain Treatment Tips

1) Remove the chunks first. You will only smear them further along your carpet if you do not remove the chunks first. By using a spoon, butter knife, spatula, or some kind of dull-edged tool, scrape the globs off the surface instead. Avoid smashing the substance into the carpet or cutting the fibers as you scrape off the blobs. To make the process more efficient, use a few paper towels to wipe the blobs as you go.
2) Blot carpet stains rather than scrub. It is important you do not attack them with scrubbing and rubbing techniques, it only pushes the substance out further and deeper into the fibers, making the spill even more difficult to remove when it comes to addressing the spills. Use blotting and patting methods starting on the outer edge and work your way to the center to better contain the mess instead.
3) Treat carpet spills ASAP. Making them more difficult to remove and potentially stain comes from when messes are left untreated and they continue to sit, giving them more time they have to absorb into the fibers. Treating them immediately will optimize success.
4) Avoid hot water on carpet. Different temperatures will contribute to effectively remove the stains when comes to treating different substance. Generally, the temperatures range from cool to warm and never hot-hot. Making it near impossible to remove, using hot-hot water will increase the risk of causing the substance to set into the carpet. Cool water should be used if you are ever in doubt.
5) Use plain cloths to blot carpet stains. Print or are dyed towels, rags, or paper towels should never be used. When it comes to treating red wine or purple kool-aid spill for example, few want to risk their white cloths or towels. During the treatment process, however, any implements that have dyes or prints can be transferred onto the carpet.
6) Never skip the carpet patch test. Patch tests are an important step when treating carpet spills as mentioned. When the different fibers react with different chemicals, discoloration, fading, or even damage can occur. Take the time to do a patch test in an inconspicuous area to make sure the solution does not ruin the carpet in plain sight.

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