How Often Should Upholstery Be Cleaned in Spring Valley, CA? Stains, Weird Smells, Embedded Dog Hair & More

When you have friends or family over, where is the main place everyone gathers? Or where is the main place in your house you like to be? Most people like to hang out in a comfortable place and that place is usually on the couch. If you are always on one of these spots they are bound to get dirty and used. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning is here to help you know the signs when you need an upholstery cleaning.

Visible Stains on Sofa Upholstery

Let’s face it, as much as we want to keep our couch or favorite chair clean it just doesn’t happen. Spills seem to happen even if you are very careful. It could be because you spilled your favorite cup of coffee or you have kids that like to eat on your couch. Or even your dog likes to chew on his favorite toy on your couch, leaving wet marks. You can always use a stain remover product, but sometimes the stain or spill just won’t come out. When this happens, a professional is a great one to turn to.

Couch has a Weird Smell

Your couch or chair should not have a smell to it. If you take care of your house, you shouldn’t have a problem with an unpleasant odor from your upholstery. But with that being said your upholstery can smell, it does happen. It could be from pets, spills, or certain smells that are in your home like smoke. When you sit down and notice that your upholstery has a smell to it, it is time to get a professional to come and clean it to get that smell out of your couch or chair.

Embedded Dog Hair on Microfiber Couch

Let’s face it if you have pets like a dog or cat you have hair in your house. Even if you do not let them on your couch you seem to have hair on your upholstery. If you let them on your couch, it could be covered in hair. Hair on your couch can get embedded down inside the upholstery making it hard to remove. If you have pets, especially ones that get on your furniture you need to make sure you have good cleaning habits to make sure your pets don’t ruin your furniture.

Allergy Symptoms

Have you been noticing that your allergies have been acting up more than usual? Did you know that if your couch has not been cleaned in a while it can collect dust, pollen, dirt, and pet dander? So, if your allergies are acting up you should consider that it could be from your upholstery. Every time you sit down or move on the couch you are launching and disturbing that pet dander, pollen and dust. Making it go into the air and all around you, causing you to have allergy symptoms.

Dull Upholstered Fabric Appearance

Do you feel like your upholstery doesn’t look like the color that you bought it? Maybe it is a lot duller now. This can happen to your upholstery over time. It can be from the direct sun hitting it every morning or evening. It can also happen just because you are using your couch and chair every day. The good news is that by getting it professionally cleaned it can reverse the dull effect making it look bright and beautiful like the color you bought it.

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If you feel like your favorite couch or chair is having any of these problems or just wanting a good upholstery cleaning. Give Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning a call and we will make your upholstery look like new again.

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