What to Use to Clean Hardwood Floors to Remove Spots & Stains in Chula Vista, CA

Having beautiful hardwood flooring installed in your home is a big investment. It adds an organic beauty that is hard to get any other way. When you have hardwood flooring, you don’t care for it the same way you do with other flooring options. Before you start cleaning your hardwood floors, make sure you know how to correctly clean them to avoid damaging them. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning is here to share some tips to help you keep your hardwood clean without causing lasting damage.

Daily Hardwood Floor Cleaning

For daily cleaning of your hardwood flooring, you want to pay special attention to those areas that receive a lot of traffic. You will need to sweep or vacuum them each day. If you are using a vacuum, use one with a floorbrush rather than a beater bar. Beater bars on vacuums can cause scratching and damage to your hardwood flooring. You can also use electrostatic cloths to keep the area dust free as well.

Mopping Your Hardwood Flooring

Once a week you are going to want to give your hardwood flooring a light or dust mopping. This will remove surface dust and leave your flooring fairly clean. You are going to want to deep clean them a couple times a year to remove any grime or buildup that isn’t removed by your weekly mopping. To do this, use a wood-friendly cleaning agent you find at the store and follow the instructions found on the label. Be sure you don’t leave any excess water on the hardwood as this can cause warping and other damage.

Removing Spots & Stains from Your Hardwood

Over time, there will be spots and stains that inevitably happen, even if you are extremely cautious. The best bet you will have in removing them will be quick action. Here are a list of possible spots and stains and how to safely remove them.
Heel Marks. With the use of fine steel wool and a good floor wax, you should be able to rub out any heel marks found on your hardwood flooring.
Oil-Based Stains. The best tool to use in removing oil-based stains is dish soap. Mixing dish soap with water and applying it to the stain, will start to break down the oils. You can rinse it with clean water and repeat as many times as you need to until it is removed.
Dark Spots & Stains. When you find a dark spot or pet stain on your hardwood, vinegar or bleach can work to remove it. You should allow the mixture to sit on the stain for nearly an hour before rinsing with a damp cloth to allow time to absorb it into the wood.
Water Stains. Using fine steel and floor wax to gently rub the surface of the water stain should be enough to remove it completely without damaging your flooring.

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If your hardwood flooring has sustained a good amount of damage, you may need to refinish the flooring. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning offers hardwood floor refinishing as well as installation to assist you with any of your wood flooring needs. Call us today!

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