How to Clean & Remove Set in Grass Stains from Carpet in Encinitas, CA

With the warmer weather upon us, we’ll be spending more time outside and grass stains will find their way into your carpet. Grass stains are hard to remove because they are ‘combination stains’. They are usually a mixture of dirt and the green color comes from the grass. Grass contains chlorophyll, the green pigment that is found in cyanobacteria. Grass stains become very hard when these pigments bond with carpet fibers and act like a dye. The faster you act on removing a grass stain, the better your results will be.

How to Remove Set In Grass Stains from Carpet

1. First step. Mix a solution up of two cups water and one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid.
2. Second step. Take the solution and sponge the stain left behind by the grass with a clean white cloth and wait 5 minutes.
3. Third step. Blot the stain until you’ve absorbed all the moisture.
4. You will need to repeat steps 2-3 until you can’t see the stain anymore.
5. If the stain is gone, you will take plain cold water and another white cloth and sponge the area to get as much of the cleaning solution out of the carpet and blot dry. As with any stain, it’s best to only use as much cleaning solution as needed when cleaning.

Grass Stain Removal Solutions

If the stain is still there you can try some other alternatives. You can try and sponge the grass stain with acetone if it’s safe for your carpet. You can also try sponging the area with a dry-cleaning solvent or use a mixture of two cups warm water with a tablespoon of ammonia. Take this mixture just like the dishwashing mixture and apply to stain. Always remember to spot test. Some effective solutions in removing grass stain from carpet include liquid Tide, powdered detergent, rubbing alcohol, banana oil, Karo syrup or plain white vinegar. These are all safe for carpet.

Another Grass Stain Removal Method

1. Use a vacuum with a suction tool. Do not use a regular vacuum with the rotating brush because it will set the stain in deeper. Only use the suction tool to remove as much of the grass particles before you start to clean.
2. Take a white cloth and get it wet and start blotting the stain. Use a white cloth so you can see how much of the stain you’ve lifted.
3. Once the blotting is done, use a household cleaner with a pH level 7 or a mild dish soap. Do not rub the grass stain! Rubbing the carpet will only damage the fibers and cause fading.
4. Put a little bit of the cleaner right onto the grass stain, wait 5 minutes and blot. Using a clean towel, you should start seeing the stain lift from the carpet.

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Spending time outside in the grass is fun but the stains it can bring onto our carpets isn’t! Knowing how to take care of a grass stain ahead of time will save you hours of frustration. If you’re not having any luck with grass stains on your carpet, contact Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning for help. We have all the experience you’ll need to have your carpet looking it’s best!

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