Oriental & Persian Area Rug Maintenance Tips in Poway, CA; Avoid Direct Sunlight, Care for Fringe & More

Investing in an Oriental rug is a great addition to any home. The beauty that accents the décor and style is nothing less than amazing. Like everything else you own, taking care of the Oriental rug is beneficial for the longevity, overall condition and aesthetics. With that in mind, we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to offer some tips and advice on how to care for your Oriental rug.

Oriental & Persian Area Rug Care Tips

1) Frequent Rug Rotation. More often than not, Oriental rugs are placed in high traffic areas and depending on the amount of traffic your area rug endures, dictates the frequency of rotation. Rotating the Oriental rugs help even out the impacted wear. Oriental rugs that do take a beating on a daily basis with high volume of walking traffic, daily activity, and direct sunlight should be rotated once every month or two. Direct sunlight fades the colors and dries out the fabric. If there is a lot of sun hitting your Oriental rug, even in a slow traffic area, utilize UV window films, blinds, curtains, drapes, or a combination. In cases where the Oriental rug is placed in a room where it receives little abuse, an annual rotation is optimal; unless it is exposed to long hours of direct sunlight.
2) Avoid Direct Sunlight on Rug. As we touched on with rotation practice, the sunlight can cause the dyes to fade, and the rug to dry out. To help prevent dramatic fading on your Oriental rug, block out the sun as much possible during the peak hours where it is blazing on your rug. Over exposure can reduce the vibrancy and over all life span of your Oriental rug.
3) Rug Fringe Care. Oriental rugs often have decorative fringes that become tangled and intertwined. If this happens, fix it by flipping the rug upside down; hold on to one end and walk it to the other for ease. Slightly shake the fringes loose, and while they are laid out, gently comb them out straight. While you have the rug upside down, vacuum the bottom side. Make sure your vacuum is set to bare floors so that beater bar is not turning to avoid damage.
4) Vacuum Rug. Like any other rug or carpeting, Oriental rugs require regular vacuuming. No, vacuuming does not damage the carpet, but dirt and debris can. The dirt and grit needs to be removed often to prevent early deterioration. The debris acts as a natural abrasive agent, walking causes friction, creating a sandpaper-like effect. Additionally, vacuuming helps keep the fibers fluffed and vibrant. No matter if you are vacuuming the top or backing, be sure the beater bar is not rotating by insisting the vacuum is set to “bare floors” to prevent tears, runs, and other degrees of damage.
5) Immediate Rug Spot Removal. Prompt removal is essential in the event of accidental contact with foreign liquids or other stain causing agents. Only use water to blot away spots. Due to the delicate nature of Oriental rugs, if the blemish is not resolved with water and blotting, contact a professional to remove any stains and spots.
6) Rug Padding. Oriental rugs are easily wrinkled and require assistance to be more substantial. Invest in a quality padding to contribute to better comfort, and to enhance the Oriental rugs stability.
7) Avert Pathways. In addition to rotating the Oriental rug periodically, the furniture, whenever possible, should also be rotated in an effort to create new pathways, which help minimize the localized wear, and to prolong the life span.
8) Damp Clean Rugs. With a damp towel treated with cool water, gently wipe down the Oriental rug to enhance the vibrancy. Dust settles on the oriental rug, making it look dull, and even with regular vacuuming, the deeply rooted residues that the vacuum missed adds up.
9) Rug Airing. To minimize odors derived of moisture, or other factors, every 6 months air out your oriental rug in the outdoors if possible for just a few hours. Any time it comes into contact with liquids, it is optimal to allow it to hang outside to dry.
10) Professional Rug Care. The professional has a part in regular maintenance of Oriental Rugs. Hire an expert to skillfully clean, sanitize and deodorize your Oriental rugs once a year, as often as needed to contribute to lasting longevity.

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