What is the Easiest Way to Clean an Area Rug in Jamul, CA? Vacuum, Beat, Professional Rug Cleaning & More

Rugs are an excellent touch in rooms that can serve as a beautiful accessory while helping with dirt and debris control, protect the type of flooring beneath it from many threats, and so much more. Rugs need regular cleaning and care to keep them looking presentable and in excellent condition, as well as ensure they last. Most know that the rugs need to be vacuumed, messes and spills cleaned up immediately as well as professional services at least once a year. There are some hacks that help maintain your rugs that we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to share today.

How Can I Clean My Area Rug at Home By Myself?

1) Expose the Rug to the Outdoors. Making some space outdoors for cleaning is the first thing you need to do when cleaning a rug. Outdoor cleaning environments make cleaning it simpler and the sun help expedite the drying as well contribute to freshness. Be sure to plan on doing it on a sunny, warm day. Be sure to avoid grass and use a surface with tile, pavement, or slabs for example.
2) Find a Good Place to Hang the Rug. Look for somewhere you can actually hang your rug from, but keep in mind that a washing line is likely not strong enough. Since it can help you to easily have the rug sitting up in the sun, this is very important. The goal is to ensure that the rug’s front and back are given a good drying process by the sun by getting it off the ground. In order to avoid one-sided cleaning, just make sure you can hang the rug up.
3) Thoroughly Vacuum Both the Front and Back of the Rug. A deep and detailed vacuum starts off the process with vacuuming the front and back. Vacuum in grid pattern overlapping the rows going across the rug, and again going down the rug. Do not simply skim over but spend lots of time on each area as you slowly vacuum the rug. To ensure the fibers are cleaned, suck the dirt and debris. Most people only vacuum the top and skip the back. You maximize the end results and cleanliness as you ensure that you can freshen up the look of both sides whilst removing needless dirt buildup.
4) Periodically Beat the Rug. Give it a thorough beat or two with an object, or even just the palm of your hand, before and after vacuuming. You need to keep on hitting until you stop seeing such prominent dust appearing if in the event you see a big cloud of dust. This is a great way to get any excess build-up that might be forming that even your vacuum cannot reach, though you do not want to hit the rug too much.

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