How Do I Know if My Hardwood Floors Need Refinishing in Borrego Springs, CA; Nicks, Scratches, Fading & More

In any home, solid hardwood floors are an excellent investment. This beautiful upgrade is versatile, fits into any design theme and also provides added value to the home. With a little diligence, hardwood floors are typically easy to maintain since they are fairly strong and durable. However, over time and use, they will need to be refinished. Refinishing the wood floors can be a rather extensive project, however. Involved preparation, sanding that is very messy and not done correctly can cause damage to the wood floors, and an application and multiple coats of the correct finishing products are the basics. It is better to trust a reputable expert when the floors do need to be refinished to ensure it does correctly. To help you identify when the hardwood floors need to be refinished, we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to share the signs your hardwood floor needs refinishing.

Hardwood Floor is Fading or Discolored

If the floorboards are showing discoloration, it is a sign that the hardwood floor will need refinishing soon. Sunlight or moisture exposure can make the areas of the hardwood floor appear dull and/ or faded. Also, any permanent stains that may have developed from spills or being tracked in can only be removed during the refinishing process. However, if any stains or discoloration are caused by moisture exposure, you need to ensure that element is rectified to avoid future damage after you invest in refinishing. Consider window treatments or area rugs after the refinish process to protect the hardwood floor from direct sunlight as well.

Damaged Floorboards

You need to refinish the floorboards when they start to bend or curl, if the damage is extensive, these boards may need to be replaced. When the floorboards need to be replaced, a refinishing should follow to ensure the finish matches. Also, especially if the damage entails serious water damage or mold damage, failing to restore any damaged planks before refinishing is a risky move.

Nicks, Scratches & Hardwood Flooring Wear

The signs of wear appear on high traffic areas that are especially susceptible. If lighting isn’t particularly bright, the signs are not always plainly obvious because hardwood floors are especially durable. This is the area that should be refinished sooner than later since they get a lot of foot traffic are like to wear the finish down. The finish acts as a protectant from the elements in addition to providing a striking aesthetic appearance.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning, Stain Removal & More in San Diego, Solana Beach, La Mesa, Mission Valley, La Jolla, Del Mar, Poway, Encinitas & Chula Vista, California

In some situations, a deep cleaning may be all that is needed when you your hardwood floors are just missing a little shine and are not displaying any signs that they necessarily need a refinishing. In any case, letting the professionals take care of your wood floors is the optimal solution to ensure they are serviced correctly and efficiently. If the hardwood floor in your San Diego, California home needs to be refinished, call in the experts of Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning and let our qualified experts assist you.

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