How Do You Clean Grout Without Damaging it in Bonsall, CA? Use the Right Kind of Brush, Best Cleaning Solution & More

As a homeowner, you want to make your house look nice for people to come in. Your grout is one thing that gets quite dirty easily. Even with you vacuuming and mopping that grout can get dark and dirty. So, you decided to clean it yourself. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning wants to go over a few tips that you need to avoid when you are cleaning grout. This way you don’t ruin your grout in the process of cleaning.

Use the Right Kind of Brush to Clean Grout

If you were wanting to use a brush to clean your grout you need to be careful. When grout sets it seals itself, and grout can get broken quite easily. If you are using a wire brush to clean your grout you are ripping off the outside layer of the grout. Without that outside layer, you can get water inside the grout, you can stain the grout and even mold can grow on your grout. Stay away from wire brushes. If you want to use a brush, find a plastic bristle brush that is soft on the grout.

Best Cleaning Solution for Grout

There are many grout cleaners out there. Some of these grout cleaners have artificial colors inside them. When you use these on your grout it can stain your grout especially if your grout is old or in bad condition. When you are looking for grout cleaners make sure you find one that does not contain any artificial coloring in it. This will ensure that you don’t get a bad stain because of the cleaners.

Do Grout Sealers Really Work?

There are cleaning products out there that say it can seal the grout as it cleans your grout. Most of these products are wax or oil-based cleaners. The problem with this is it can make your floor more slippery, so more fall accidents can happen. It can also make it harder to clean your grout on your next cleaning. If you go to clean your grout after you have already used these wax or oil-based cleaners you have to strip off the wax or oil before you start cleaning. This makes the cleaning process harder for you. So, if you don’t have a good reason to use these types of sealer cleaners then don’t use them.

Old or Damaged Grout

When you have old or damaged grout you need to be careful when it comes to cleaning it. The best solution when you have old or damaged grout is to get it redone. If you try to clean it when it is cracked, chipped, or flaking apart the water that you are using or the liquid that you are using to clean it can damage the grout more. When you use any type of liquid, such as water, that moisture can get inside the damaged grout and cause mold growth. This happens because the layers of the grout are exposed. When you clean with liquid on damaged grout it can speed the process up of your grout getting more damaged.

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The best solution you can do is to get your tile and grout professionally cleaned. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning will gladly come in and ensure your grout gets cleaned the proper way and help it look great and back to the color it is supposed to be.

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