How to Clean & Remove Really Old Stains from Carpet in Camp Pendleton North, CA

High-quality carpets are perfect for any living space. Offering comfort, beauty, color, and texture, when you invest in good carpets, you want them to last. Vacuuming them well and frequently is recommended, and more importantly, treating accidental spills that make contact with your beloved carpets. However, when people tackle the carpets after conferring with online guidelines, they will often see warnings or what not to do while getting the spot cleaned up. Today, we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to share the common “what not to do” while treating the carpet, and why you shouldn’t.

How Not to Remove Stubborn Carpet Stains

1) No scrubbing or rubbing carpet stains. This is among the most common steps. You are instructed to never scrub or rub the spill, but blot only, throughout the whole process. It is natural for people to want to attack the offending substance on the carpets surface, and where most other surfaces are cleaned by scrubbing and rubbing, people often approach the carpets in the same manner. The problem with scrubbing and rubbing is that it only pushes the substances out further and deeper into the carpet and does nothing to remove it; leaving you with a potentially bigger spot or stain. Blotting gives you more effectiveness at removing the substance. Be sure to start on the outer edges and work towards the center for more control and containment.
2) Never use hot water on carpet stains. There are very few exceptions where hot water may be called for, but unless the instructions explicitly recommend water temperature, stick with cool water straight from the faucet. Hot water has similar affect the dryer has on your clothes and any stains on them, it sets it permanently. Using hot water on the carpets while treating spills can and will likely cause whatever substance you are treating to set in, resulting in an impenetrable stain that even most professionals won’t be able to get out.
3) Avoid dye and printed cleaning cloths. It is often suggested to never used dye or printed paper towels, rags, cloths, or towels while treating the carpets and to only use white. This is important as well. Prints or dyes can easily be transferred to your carpet if the implement being used bears it. Not only will you have the originally spill to contend with, but you will also now have to get the transferred dye or print out of the carpet as well. Use only white to avoid problems.
4) Do not over saturate carpet. There is moisture content already likely in the initial spill, which is why most steps include blotting the excess moisture before dealing with the spot or stain. Where people may think more cleaning solution is better and not worry about oversaturation, it is problematic.

Proper Water Extraction to Avoid Carpet Mold

Under the carpets, the carpet padding, and subfloor cannot properly ventilate. If you do not extract as much moisture as possible during and after the process, you risk water damage to these elements as well as increasing the risk of mold and mildew growth. The mold and mildew growth also cause damage, but will also contaminate the air you breathe, making your unhealthy. Always blot in between applications and ensure you dry the area as best you can once you removed the spot.

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There are many more recommendations you need to avoid as work through removing various spots and stains, trust that there is a reason for it and stick the steps. If the spots and stains require more power, call in the experts of Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning and let our specialists take care of it.

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