How Do You Get the Bad Smell Out of Fabric Furniture in Rancho San Diego, CA? Professional Sofa Cleaning

Odors commonly develop in any home. These odors can sometimes not be noticeable and are only detected when you leave for a time and come back into the otherwise unpleasant smell. To effectively eliminate the odors, you have to remove them at the source to effectively eliminate the odors. Pet accidents, sweat, food and beverage spills, and other such sources collectively or on their own can cause odors on the upholstery. Since it is a popular for the residence to lounge to read, watch TV, visit, relax or even sleep, your sofa is one of the major offenders contaminating the air with odors. In an effort to help you combat the odors in your home, we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning have listed some tips and suggestions for handling the upholstery odors.

Is Professional Upholstery Cleaning Worth It?

Professional upholstery cleaning is the most effective option to remove the odors from your sofa and other upholstery. With the help of powerful extracting system and quality products the odors, stains, and dirt and debris can be removed from the surface as well as deep in the fibers. Typically, manufacturers encourage upholstery cleaning 1-2 times a year and more to maintain the health, condition, and looks for the projected lifespan as well as potentially increase its years. Professional cleaning is the most effective option to eliminate upholstery odors, especially when they are stubborn and difficult for you to remove.

How to DIY Remove Odor from Fabric Couch

If you want to try and eliminate the odors on your own or in between professional maintenance services, you need to keep in mind that most odors on the upholstery are likely protein-based, derived of sweat, vomit, and pet accidents. When this is the cause, you need an enzyme upholstery cleaner of good quality. Always perform a patch test and follow the directions.
1) Thorough Carpet Vacuuming. Before you treat upholstery with any liquid products, vacuuming is essential. Use the vacuum’s upholstery attachment and hose to vacuum thoroughly the entire sofa including the cushions and under the cushions as well. Ensure the crevices and divots are also vacuumed.
2) Enzyme Carpet Cleaner Application. You can remove protein-based odors and stains using an upholstery cleaner containing enzyme. Do a patch test and follow the directions. It is better to treat with the enzyme cleaner first when there is obvious spots or concentrated odors derived of bodily excretions from your pet or the people.
3) Remove Additional Carpet Odors. Combine 2 cups distilled white vinegar and 2 cups lukewarm water in a spray bottle, bucket or bowl and slowly add 4 tablespoons of baking soda until it is full dissolved. To treat the affected area, treat a white cloth or sponge with the solution and apply it directly. For 5-10 minutes, let the solution on the area or areas sit. With blotting techniques following the wait, absorb the solution and odors along with it.
4) Deodorize Carpet. Allow a generous sprinkling of baking soda sit over night or for several hours.
Any lingering odors and residual moisture will be pulled out with the baking soda. Use a vacuum to remove all the baking soda particles once the area is fully dry.

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