What Cleaning Products Should Not Be Used on Hardwood Floors in La Mesa, CA?

It is not always an easy task to protect that beautiful hardwood flooring. Between careless kids, sliding furniture, and crazy pet, avoiding scuffs and scratches can be difficult. There are other elements however, that can threaten your wood floors. You can cause extensive damage by using several harmful cleaning products for hardwood flooring. To help you avoid potential damage caused by using the wrong cleaner, we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to discuss the most harmful cleaning products you need to avoid contact with your hardwood floors.

What Cleaning Products Will Damage or Ruin Hardwood Flooring?

1) Soapy Water. You should avoid soapy water altogether, though you might be somewhat shocked to learn that when it comes to cleaning your hardwood flooring, because this classic cleaning combination does more harm than good. The soap can leave a trouble-making residue, and excess water can damage the flooring. Your floors will be duller, slippery, and full of footprints and other marks due to the soapy residues.
2) Bleach. Another cleaning product that can work wonders on an array of different surfaces is bleach. Hardwood flooring is definitely not one of them, however. Being precisely what it can do to your beautiful floors, bleach causes discoloration. Never use it on hardwood at all.
3) Vinegar-Based Products. When it comes to cleaning products, vinegar is often a key natural ingredient, so natural products are incredibly popular today. You should avoid vinegar at all costs when cleaning your hardwood flooring, however. As it means that it’s going to wear away at your hardwood flooring over time, vinegar is acidic.
It will be far too late when you do notice, though it might take a while to see it. The wood beneath will become damaged, and the finish will wear away. This is an issue that is not worth getting into. Always check the label on the cleaning products you are considering and if you see vinegar on there at all, look for another one.
4) Glass Cleaners. Often used on glass are glass cleaning products, as you may be aware of, but it should not be used on hardwood flooring. Glass cleaning products can actually do damage to your floors. Abrasive chemicals that glass can handle with ease is contained with the formula in products like Windex. However, this cannot be used on hardwood floors. Make certain to reconsider using glass cleaning products, even if you’ve run out of your regular cleaning products and really need some backup.
5) Ammonia-Based Products. Ammonia is one of the most common abrasive chemicals. It is not among the recommended cleaning products for hardwood flooring as it can effectively clean lots of things. The surface of your hardwood floors is damaged and ammonia wear away at the layers beneath them. Always check for ammonia in the ingredients whenever you are looking for a new floor cleaner.

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