How Often Should Commercial Carpet Be Cleaned in Vista, CA? High Foot Traffic & More

Carpets need to be kept clean to extend the life and beauty of the carpet, as well as to maintain a healthy environment. For a business, it is important to maintain a clean and healthy environment. To create a cleaning schedule for commercial carpet, there are a few factors that need to be considered to know how often the carpet should be cleaned. If you are trying to determine how often to have your building’s carpets cleaned, Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning will help you better know when to have your carpets cleaned.

Style & Color of the Carpet

Carpets will vary in their color, nap, pile type and density. If you have high pile, dense and light colored carpets you will want to have the carpet cleaned more often. The shorter the pile and darker the color of the carpet, the longer you can go in between carpet cleaning. Most commercial buildings will intentionally install short pile dark colored carpet, so they do not need as many cleanings and will withstand foot traffic better. As darker colors will not look dirty as quickly as lighter colored carpet, to ensure the carpets are clean for a healthier environment, short and dark colored carpet should be cleaned every six months.

Low or High Foot Traffic

Another major consideration as to how often you should have your building carpet cleaned depends on the amount of foot traffic you get. Foot traffic brings in a lot of dirt and particles from outside into the building. For a business that has a lot of foot traffic, you may find you need the carpet cleaned every two to three months. If you have an office building where foot traffic is rather low, you can have carpets cleaned about every four to six months.

Meet Business Needs

Certain commercial or public settings simply demand that you have the carpet cleaned more often. Carpet needs to be kept clean to maintain a cleaner and healthier environment. For example, restaurants, bars, and medical facilities need to ensure they have clean carpets. Other commercial buildings may be more prone to contaminants than others. If the nature of the building demands clean carpets, schedule deep carpet cleanings every two months.

Proper Carpet Care

For commercial buildings with carpet, the level of care will also determine how often carpet needs a professional cleaning. Proper carpet care involves vacuuming at least once week if not every day. Carpet that gets a spill needs to be spot cleaned quickly to prevent staining. When carpets are well maintained, that helps prolong the need for professional carpet cleanings. However, if a commercial building cannot keep up with their carpet needs, the carpet should have professional attention more often. If the carpets are properly cared for they usually only need carpet cleaning every six months. Proper care may require carpets needing cleaning much sooner.

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For a commercial building with carpets it is important to have the carpet cleaned. With proper timing and care, you can extend the life of the carpets. For commercial carpet cleaning services, contact Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning today.

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