Why it is Worth Getting Carpets Professionally Cleaned in Escondido, CA & How to Extend Cleaning

Carpet manufacturers recommend you get the carpets professionally cleaned 1-2 times a year in conjunction with your carpet care, routine vacuuming, and spot cleaning. However, you should consider cleaning the carpets every 6 months in areas carpets are exposed to a lot of foot traffic and dustier climates as well homeowners with asthma and allergy tendencies and with indoor pets. You generally want to extend that beautiful carpet glow as long as possible when you do dedicate the time and money into getting the carpet professionally cleaned. We at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning have compiled some pointers on how you keep the professional clean for your carpets longer to help you in your efforts.

Allow the Carpet to Dry Before Walking On It

The technicians will use powerful extraction equipment to circulate water to push the detergent through the carpet in order to pull out the deep-rooted soil, stains, and odors. The carpets are left vibrant, fresh, and slightly damp at the conclusion of the service. The specialist will often leave directions before they leave including the general time the carpets will take to fully dry. Depending on climate and weather conditions and other, keep in mind it varies. Ensure they are completely dry before you let the household start walking on the carpet in any case. Same rule applies if you treat spills and stains as well.

Wear Socks or Indoor Slippers on Carpet

Too much filth will be tracked in to mar the carpets do not track worn shoes over freshly cleaned carpets. Because the natural oil skin produces will smear on the carpet’s surface where dust will settle, avoid bare feet as well. Stick to wearing socks or slipper that is exclusively worn indoors.

Clean Carpet Spills ASAP

A stain can be potentially left behind as any substances that fall onto carpets. The harder they are to remove the longer they sit. Any accidental spills should be cleaned up right away. Avoid using hot water when treating spills and spots, first try using pure water. Whether you prefer carpet cleaners or homemade solutions, do not skip the patch test performed test in an inconspicuous area to ensure the color or fibers will not be compromised in the event water is not enough. Make sure you practice blotting to absorb it into the sponge or rag instead since carpet fibers will soak up substances with rubbing techniques. Only use white paper towels, cloths, and towels when treating the spills, never use implements that have dyes or prints as they can potentially be transferred to the carpet.

Vacuum Carpet Often

You vacuum 2-3 times a day and you cannot damage the carpets with excessive vacuuming daily vacuuming is recommended and contrary to popular myth. The carpets have dirt, pollutants, contaminates, allergens, and debris that will contribute to damage if not removed whether they look like they need it or not. Be sure to vacuum as frequently as possible to help keep the carpets looking immaculate after a professional cleaning.

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