How to Get Old Mechanic Grease & Cooking Oil Stains Out of Carpet in San Marcos, CA

There are lots of times in your life that food and other substances will pass over the carpet. Most people do what they can to keep these things over a surface that has a simpler cleaning method but that does not mean that it does not happen. When these substances go over the carpet there is always a chance they will spill or drip leaving a mess on the carpet that you now have to try and clean. When it comes to carpets there are very specific ways to clean certain types of stains. You want to make sure that you try and use methods that have been tried so that you avoid making the stain worse of damaging your carpet. One type of stain that you might dread whether it is on your clothes or your carpet happens to be oil and grease. They seem like a stain that will never come out but there is some hope. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning outlines how to remove grease and oil stains from carpet.

Scrape Excess Oil or Grease from Carpet

One of the best things that you can do with a spill that has not fully soaked into the carpet is to remove as much of the excess as possible. The good thing about oil is that it does not mix well and that means that you likely have a minute to try and get some of it off the carpet. The best method is to go to the kitchen and grab a spoon. This can then be used right next to the oil and scoop what you can. You want to make sure that you wash off the spoon well before you take it back over to try and remove anymore.

Make a Carpet Cleaning Solution

Now that you have as much of the excess off the carpet as possible you can start to make a cleaner that will break through the stain. You can use warm water that has been mixed with dish soap. This is the same soap that you have on your sink and is marketed as cutting through the grease. The same can happen on the carpet when you use it there. You want to make a soak and then place it over the area and allow it to sit there for about five minutes to give it time to work.

Spot Clean the Carpet Stain

Now that it has had time to soak you want to get a clean cloth that is dry and start to blot at the spot. This will pull up the water mixture as well as the stain. Be sure to rotate the rag so that you are using a clean spot each time. Then you are ready for the clean water rinse. This is done with warm water that is sprayed on the spot and a new clean cloth to blot again. This rinse will allow the carpet to dry clean and soft.

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The last and most effective way to get any stain out of your carpet is to call out a professional. They can come out and pre-treat the stain and clean the rest of the carpet. This will leave you with a nice clean carpet that is free from staining. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning can come out and clean your carpets and treat for stains that you were not able to get out on your own. Call today to make an appointment.

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