How Do You Restore a Flooded Carpet in San Diego, CA? Drying, Cleaning, Disinfecting & More

If you have experienced a flood within your home from a horrific storm, broken appliance, or piping, you are now faced with a decision to replace or attempt to save your carpets. As many people know, carpet is an investment that can hurt the budget if it needs to be replaced. Therefore, it possible you will want to save your carpets or rugs. However how does one know if it is possible to save the soaked carpet or if you should just replace it. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning will help you make the best decision on whether or not to save or replace your water damaged carpet or rugs.

Type of Water that Caused Carpet to Be Wet

The first major factor as to whether or not you can save your carpets or rugs is what kind of water it was exposed to. If the rug and carpet were flooded by clean tap water and you were able to react quickly enough, there is a better chance of saving your rugs and carpet. However both sewage water and even rain water contains many different forms of bacteria that can lead to mold and different types of fungal growth. This can be harmful. Bear in mind that rain water–if properly attended to by a professional– most often carpet can be saved.

What to Do with Rugs After a Flood

When it comes to the case of large area rugs, they can be saved if they are quickly dried and disinfected. Rugs with rubber or foam backing hold in the contaminated water and in this case it is better to throw these types of rugs away. Small foot rugs can be cleaned with your machine and dried without the need of a professional. However, it is recommended that larger area rugs if contaminated, be cleaned by a professional to properly disinfect the fabric. This will prevent any future mold or fungal growth.

Dry Carpet Fast After Flooding

The next key factor to whether or not carpets can be saved is timing. Meaning how long the water has been sitting on the carpet. If there’s been no attempt to remove the water and drying it out within 24 hours, it is most likely too late. Molds can already begin to develop within 24 hours of moisture exposure. When a flood first occurs, it is important to act fast in order to save both carpet and rug. When a flood first occurs begin removing of the water. This can be done with a shop vac or wet vac. Suck the water out of the carpet as best you can. This can be a rather time consume process, but one that is necessary. Even if you have contacted a water restoration company, begin removing the water until they arrive. The use of fans will help speed up the drying process.

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The key elements in determining to save or replace carpets or rugs is in timing, the condition of the water that your carpet was exposed to, the material and the type of rug or carpets you may have. There are many times when all the elements work in favor of saving the carpet or rug. However there are always those perfect storms that force the need for a replacement of your rugs or carpets. For your best chances to save your carpet or area rugs after a flood occurs, call Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning and the sooner or better after the flood occurs. We will come and extract the water, dry, clean and efficiently disinfect the exposed rugs or carpet. If you have encountered a flood in your home, contact Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning.

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