Reoccurring Stains on Carpets that Keep Coming Back? Removing Carpet Wicking & Soiling Stains in Poway, CA

When it comes to your home most people want to make sure that it looks good and fits their personality. You likely spent time getting the right look, feel and style in your house to make it feel comfortable. You want to make sure that the house is clean and that means you need to make sure you have a plan. Most people know they need to clean the house on a regular basis such as scrubbing the bathroom, kitchen and even running the vacuum. The vacuum is a way to remove the dirt and dust that is being dragged in the house from all the people that live there. You also want to make sure your floors are cleaned when there are spills as well. These spills can bring the cleanliness of the house down. When it comes to stains on your carpet there are some that can be problematic. When you have a stain that seems to come back after you have cleaned it that is called a reoccurring stain. There are reasons that this is happening and you can help it out. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning outlines what is causing stains to return to your carpet.

Can Carpet Wicking Be Fixed?

When it comes to spills that can occur on your carpet there are many varieties. There are some that are chunky and thick while other are full of moisture. Some have coloring that is damaging to carpets and others can be doused with water. When it comes to stains that tend to come back a term that occurs is called wicking. The wicking is when the spill that happened was full of moisture. The moisture will get in the carpet but then soak down into the backing of the carpet then into the padding. When you clean the spill up you likely are just taking care of the top layer of the carpet fibers. Then when you walk around that area the moisture pulls back up to the top level. It seems as if the stain is magic and comes right back but in fact it was never properly cleaned. The best thing you can do is of you have a major spill is to have a professional out to clean the stain as well as the rest of the carpets.

Carpet Soiling

There are stains that are not full of moisture but tend to look as if they have come right back when you think you have cleaned them. This other term that is used is called soiling. The soiling occurs when you have stain that you clean off the carpet and you leave some level of residue. This can be from the actual stain or it can even be from the cleaning solution that you used. The residue will remain sticky and the dirt and dust will be attracted and stick to it. This will create the allusion that your stain has returned when in fact the area is still just dirty. You want to make sure that you have the right cleaning technique or use a professional.

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