Best Way for How to Remove Colored Wax from Carpet in Del Mar, CA; Freezing or Heating Candle Wax & More

There are lots of spills and stains that can and will occur on your carpets. The carpets are something you live with and that will get messy as you enjoy your life at home. The messes that you make on your carpets need to be cleaned properly but the problem is there are different techniques required for certain types of messes. You may need to clean some of the messes with cold water so that the stain is not set in. You may want to use warm water to get the hard to treat spots and others you need to allow time to dry out before you work on them. There are tips you can use to treat certain types of spills and when you use the right one the outcome will be the best. You want to make sure when it comes to wax that you have a plan on what it will take to get it off your carpet. If you are not careful you can end up damaging the carpet as well as creating a much larger stain. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning outlines what you can do to clean wax off your carpet.

Freezing Carpet Wax Removal Method

There are several ways you might end up getting wax on your carpets. One can be that you have a candle that has been going for some time and has dropped on the ground. There are also candle wax heaters that heat wax without a flame and create an aroma that can fill your house. These can be bumped into and the wax can be spilled on the carpet. If this happens you need to let the wax set a bit before you can try and remove it. One thing you can do is to use a freezing method. The wax will turn back to a solid if it is cooled down again. This is why you want to fill a bag of ice and use it to lay over the wax. This will create a hard shell of wax that you can then scrape off the carpet. You can use a smooth butter knife that you can chip the hard wax off. Then you want to make sure you pick up what is chipped away. You also want to make sure you re-freeze the spot again if it starts to get soft. You can repeat the process several times if it is needed. This is a great way to remove the wax from your carpet and prevent it from getting worse.

How to Remove Wax on Carpet with Heat

There is a second method you can use to remove wax from your carpet. The best way to do that is to make sure that you have a hot iron and brown paper sack. You want to place the brown sack over the wax then use your iron on no steam setting. Then you can heat the area and that will make the wax transfer to the brown sack. Then you can repeat the process if it is needed. This is a great way to remove the wax from the carpet and give you a clean surface.

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