Need for Frequent Professional Carpet Cleaning: Minimize Odor & Stain Damage from Kids & Pets in Poway California

The carpet in your home provides a certain level of comfort while at the same time taking a beating from everything that is tracked in from the outside. Dirt, dust and grime are constantly being tracked into your home and your carpet’s fibers are soaking it all in. Carpet can be difficult to keep clean, especially in high traffic areas throughout your home. Often times a dark shadowing stain will begin to appear in areas that are walked over day after day. These areas usually include hallways and near main entry ways. If carpets are not cleaned on a regular basis, these areas can be extremely difficult to remove the dark shadow looking stains.

Damage on Carpet & Rugs from Kids

If you have kids living in your home then you know they can do quite a number on the well being of your carpet. Kids are hard on everything, especially the carpet. Food spills like juice, spaghetti sauce, cereal, and other food get spilled when kids are not careful. If these spills are not cleaned up immediately after they occur, then the food is allowed to seep deeply into your carpet’s fibers, causing a permanent stain on your floor. If you’ve got kids, the recommended time to clean your carpets averages about every nine months. This will help eliminate the presence of stains throughout your carpet.

Pet Damage on Carpet

Pets are another important part of the family that we grow to love and enjoy their company. Pets are a source of unconditional love and companionship, making the home even more fun and enjoyable. Unfortunately, not all pets are perfect and accidents do tend to happen. With a pet in the home, your carpet falls victim to not only accidents, but also pet hair and dander that float on the surface of your carpet. If a dog’s accident is not cleaned up immediately, then it can sink into the fibers of your carpet and then even into the padding of your carpet, making it extremely difficult to clean. If your pet’s accident sinks into your carpet’s padding, then the foul odor that accompanies your pet’s accident will linger for days and days throughout your home, sometimes even longer. If you have pets living in your home, it is recommended that you have your carpets professionally cleaned every six months. This will help eliminate the presence of pet dander and clean up any foul smelling accidents that may have occurred.

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