Benefits of Professional Rug Cleaning in Del Mar CA; Clean Antique, Oriental, Persian, Karastan, Sisal & Synthetic Area Rugs

Everyone knows the benefits of having your carpets cleaned. It makes your home look and even smell nicer too. It can also lengthen the amount of time that your carpets will last. When you are ready for your regular carpet cleaning you will usually move what furniture you can and roll up your rugs and put them aside. This is where you are making a mistake because your rugs are actually taking just as much if not more dirt and debris then your carpets. The rugs are laid on top of the carpet and many times are used to cover high traffic areas or an area that may already be damaged. It also can be used just to add some color to your room to make it match your d├ęcor.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning has some reasons why you should add rug cleaning to your next carpet cleaning appointment!

Clean Rugs: The biggest problem with a rug is that it is usually the item that is collecting most of the dirt that is dragged into the house. When you are removing the rugs to have the carpet cleaned, you are just rolling up the pile of dirt and putting it away. Then once the carpets are done you are setting the dirty rug back down and leaving it to fester. The dirty rug is then walked on and the dirt is spread onto your nice clean carpets. Make sure that the professional carpet cleaner you hire knows that you want to add your rugs to your next appointment.

Damage: Lots of people assume they can just vacuum the rugs or go outside and shake the dirt and dust off. This will help with the cleanliness of the rugs but it will not get them clean. If you choose to clean the rug on your own, you could possibly be damaging the rug. If you use the wrong tools or scrub too hard you could be damaging the fibers. Once the fibers are damaged it can start to make the patterns and colors bleed together and dull the look of the rug. You can also cause damage to the edging of the rug which in turn can cause the rug to fray and come apart. This is a costly mistake and will need to be repaired if possible.

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