Best Ways to Remove Carpet Stains & Spills in La Jolla California & Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid!

The carpet in your home is expected to be a source of comfort and relaxation while at the same time is demanded to stand up against tough spills, accidents and stains. While you may think you require too much from your carpet, this does not have to be the case. Proper carpet care will lengthen the life of your carpet, leaving it looking beautiful and staying strong. Many home owners make mistakes while caring for their carpet, which unfortunately some of these mistakes cannot be taken back and ruin certain areas of the carpet throughout a home. While spills and accidents do happen to us all, it is important to know exactly how to treat them to preserve the life of your carpet as long as possible.

Clean Spills on Carpet Immediately

If you have children or pets then you know that accidents happen almost all of the time. It is important to be on the lookout for a spill or accident. One of the first and most important steps that should be taken immediately after a spill or accident occurs is to quickly attend to it. The longer a spill is left sitting on your carpet, the longer whatever it was that was spilt; juice or spaghetti sauce or whatever, the longer it has to seep and soak deeply into the fibers of your carpet.

Clean Pet Urine & Other Accidents Right Away to Avoid Odors & Stains

When carpet fibers are allowed to soak these spills up, the stains will set in deeper and be much more difficult to remove. The same goes for pet accidents, if your pet has an accident on your carpet, clean it up immediately. Not only will a stain be left behind if you do not attend the accident immediately, but the foul odor that accompanies a pet’s accident will also soak into your carpets padding, and if this occurs, it will be extremely difficult to remove permanently. The odor can linger throughout your home for a significant amount of time if not promptly and properly cleaned.

Choose the Right Carpet Cleaner

Another common mistake that home owners make when it comes to cleaning carpet is using the wrong type of cleaners. Many times carpet will be left damaged, bleached or faded because the home owner did not pay attention to the type of cleaner they were using. Some cleansers are much too strong to use on different types of carpet and this can leave an even larger damaged area than the initial stain.

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For the best results and the cleanest carpet, it is better to call in a professional to get the job done right. Contact Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning today and your carpets will look as good as new.

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