Cleaning & Caring for Leather Furniture, Couches, Sofas & Settees in Mission Valley California

You have deliberated with yourself on which new sofa well enhance your living room for months. After your old sofa has suffered many years of abuse by children, pets, and visitors you know deep within your soul your ancient sofa is in need of replacing. Even the best professional in the business can’t save your private sanctuary. You have been adoring that leather couch, but after recalling the daily turmoil your sofa endured over the years, you are reluctant on your purchase.

However, you finally convinced yourself that the leather sofa is exactly what you need in your home. Excitedly jumping off the walls when it arrives, and previously threatening the residents (including furry ones) if they mistreat your precious new sofa, you get it set in the perfect area. You are glowing with joy when suddenly you realize you don’t know the first thing about care and treatment. Well relax and take a deep breath, today we are giving you some pointers on how to extend the life of your beloved leather sofa.

– Wipe your leather sofa down regularly. As often during the week as you can, wiping it down with a clean dry cloth will keep dust at bay. At least completing this chore weekly is recommended, but daily would be more beneficial.

– Vacuuming routinely. Again, best if done daily, but weekly at the bare minimum you should vacuum underneath the cushions and at the seams. If you vacuum your carpet daily, giving your sofa the daily run down as well can make sure the dust and debris is cleaned. No special precautions are necessary, just make sure your hose and its attachments are functioning and get down to business.

– Apply leather conditioner. Apart from fabric sofas, leather furniture needs to be conditioned. This step is crucial for keeping your leather sofa properly cared for. You can attain leather conditioner from any automotive or furniture store. There are spray bottles, wipes and pourable bottles, but no matter your preference of application, rub in the leather conditioner with a clean cloth. It is common to perform this ritual twice a year, however, if you live in a dry climate we recommend quarterly or even monthly operation. Be sure to read your label, and follow directions.

– Cleaning spills. Sometimes your threats are not taken seriously, and your child or spouse decided to drink their favorite beverage on your pride and joy. When any liquid comes in contact with your leather sofa, tend to it immediately. Wipe of the liquid with a dry, clean cloth. If it’s a colored substance, quickly wipe away the offensive spill with a dampen clean cloth, and quickly follow up with a clean, dry one. (The leather conditioning wipes are a good quick treatment if spills happen regularly after the substance has been wiped dry.)

– Avoid water and soap on your sofa. On upholstered furniture you may have come to be in the habit of soaking in or allowing your cleaners to set in before cleaning. On a leather sofa this needs to be avoided. Cleaners especially are not leather friendly, and can make your couch worse off than dealing with a stain. If you do have a stain that is not wiping off, be sure to get a detergent that is “leather friendly” and safe to use. Be sure to always do a patch test in an inconspicuous area to make sure the leather will not be compromised.

– Buffing the small infractions. Due to your leather sofa being made from animal hide, occasionally small cracks and scratches may surface. Sometimes these little flaws can be buffed out by using a microfiber cloth to gently rub out the little eye sores.

– Keep away from direct sunlight. It is extremely important you avoid placing your leather furniture in direct sunlight. Sunlight will dry out your leather, and fade the color. If you have little choice, keeping a couch throw blanket on or a couch cover to help protect from the sun’s rays.

– Many pieces of leather furniture are sold as “finished leather”. If this is the case on your leather sofa, it means it was coated with a protective coating. This little add-on can benefit you in using detergent and water more often if necessary.

– If you have a furry friend that likes to chew, or scratch, getting appropriate pet diversions can help you tremendously keeping your couch intact.

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If you are uneasy, or intimidated in cleaning your leather furniture, the skilled specialists at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaners can make sure your leather is properly cleaned and cared for using only the best professional cleaners safe on your leather!

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