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Opting to have leather sofas in your home can accessorize the overall look of any room. Adding a touch of charm, a splash of sophistication, and even a dash of rustic appeal, these leather sofas could be just the right touch you were looking for to complete the room. But with great leather sofas comes great responsibility.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning passes along some tips to keep your leather sofas in pristine condition.

– For dust removal, use a microfiber cloth, and simply wipe the dust away, be sure to hit in between the decorative creases and buttons.
– Once a week use your vacuum and attachments as needed, to thoroughly remove any dust and debris that was missed on your daily wipe downs. Be sure to get in between the crevices and under the cushions and all the seams for a well detailed job.
– Leather conditioner application is an important maintenance step that shouldn’t be missed or prolonged. A leather conditioner has a diluted creamy texture. Apply according to manufacturer’s instructions on the label and buff it in with either a cotton or microfiber cloth. This is a preventative measure against cracks. Generally, you need to apply the leather conditioner ever 6 or 12 months, but if you are in a dryer climate, consider applying it once every 3 months.
– Any spills, especially liquid should be immediately tended to. Use a cotton cloth, or an absorbent sponge to wipe away the moisture. In the event a damp cloth is required to clean a mess, use the minimal amount of water as possible.
– Avoid soapy water, particularly over any length of time. Unlike other upholstery fabrics, leather can be damaged in contact with soapy water. Do not use it to clean any leather.
– Unless it is designed to clean leather furniture, do not use any chemical cleaners on your leather sofas. Detergents, solvents, all-purpose cleaning aids, ammonia, bleach, and furniture polish are all examples of cleaners that need to be avoided on your leather sofas.
– If any minor scratches occur, they can be coaxed into healing by buffing the leather couch with a microfiber cloth.
– Keep the leather sofa out of direct sunlight. Direct sun rays can fade leather colors and dry out the leather, causing premature cracking.

Leather Furniture Cleaning & Maintenance Notes

NOTE: Some leather sofas are sold with a special coating and are known as “finished leather”. This helps provide a barrier to safeguard the leather, and can be safer to be more aggressive in cleaning tactics. Like most furniture fabric, leather attracts pets to scratch and gnaw, if you have pets prone to destroying upholstery, try to avert them with getting their attention with toys and pet paraphernalia.

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