Common Carpet Cleaning Myths in San Diego, CA; Shrinks Your Carpet, DIY is as Good as Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner & More

When you find that someone has spilled something on your carpet that you are sure is going to leave a stain you probably are like most people who have a small amount of panic. The stain is going to set in soon and is going to need to be treated to ensure that it is removed. The care of your carpets in your home is a nonstop nearly everyday process. You have to make sure that they are vacuumed every day to remove dust and dirt. You also need to treat spots and have them cleaned on a regular basis to make sure that they last the amount of time that they were intended.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning lists common myths that are common with carpet cleaning.

MYTH: Carpet Cleaning Shrinks Your Carpet: Some people think that if they have a carpet cleaning company come out and clean their carpets they are going to shrink. They think that it will pull away from the sides and cause it to no longer to fit the room. As long as you have your carpets treated by a professional we will ensure that this is not going to happen.
MYTH: Wait Several Years Before Cleaning Your New Carpets. Just because you have new carpets in your home it does not mean that they collect less dirt than an older carpet. The carpet is going to collect dirt as each day goes by so it is not realistic to wait several years before you have them cleaned professionally. Even if you have been very careful and have no stains to show you still need to look into having them cleaned on a regular basis. This will help to keep the carpets looking and feeling more like new.
MYTH: I Can Use My Own Machine to Clean Carpets: Although you can use your own carpet cleaner that you purchased from a store it is not wise to use it to replace the cleaning that is done by a professional. The biggest difference is that your machine will not be able to remove the amount of water that is on the carpets and that can lead to mold and mildew. A professional has a stronger suction vacuum that is able to pull the water out of the carpet and leave it nearly all the way dry.
MYTH: Only Call A Carpet Cleaning Company When Your Carpets Are Stained: The problem with waiting until your carpets are so dirty that they actually look dirty is that the fee to clean them will probably be more. It can also be too late to fully remove some of the stains which will leave the carpets not looking at clean as you want.

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