Cleaning & Care Tips for Your Antique Oriental & Persian Area Rug in Encinitas CA

Your antique rug needs the proper care and attention to assure lasting value and beauty. The best way to care for your antique carpet is to hire Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning to keep it in the best possible condition. Many antique rug owners make the huge mistake of thinking they can care for their rug on their own. This type of thinking results in a rug with bleeding, torn fibers and a very regretful owner. Do not risk ruining your antique rug by cleaning it on your own; leave it to the professionals at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning to get the job done for you.

Avoid Spills & Stains on your Antique Area Rug

Your antique rug probably sits in an area that food is not normally eaten, however accidents do happen and spills occur regardless of where your antique rug is placed. Whether a bottle of juice has leaked from a toddler, a glass of wine has spilled at a dinner party or your beloved four legged friend has left you something extra special on your rug, accidents must be attended to quickly. When spills or accidents are allowed to sit on your antique rug for even minutes after they have happened, permanent damage could be a possibility. Always attend to a spill or accident the second after it happens, this will help decrease the chances of permanent staining. Unfortunately not all spills or pet accidents happen when we are standing in the room and we may stumble upon them well after they have occurred. Your best bet to save your antique rug from permanent damage is to contact Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning to clean your rug for you and remove any spills or accidents that have stained the rug.

Never Use Over the Counter Cleaners on your Antique Rug

The most common mistake that antique rug owners make is using an over the counter cleaners to clean their antique rugs. This is a terrible mistake to make and the damage that can be done to your rug in some extreme cases is irreversible. Many people use the cleaners without even looking at the label to see what it contains. Antique rugs are fragile when harsh chemicals are scrubbed into their fibers. This often results in bleach spots on your rug, or bleeding of colors. Contact Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning to clean your antique rug, and avoid any unnecessary damage that could occur using a different method of cleaning.

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