How To Remove Ink Stains From Carpets & Rugs in Poway CA; Hairspray, Detergent, WD-40 & More!

Most people no longer use a pen that dips in a bottle of ink but ink stains are still a problem on carpets. It can be due to a pen that has broken and all the ink in the ink well spills out. It can also be from a young child that has used the pen to draw a beautiful picture for you on the carpet. Whatever the reason behind the ink stain it is one of the hardest stains to remove. The ink is meant to stay and removing it is a hard task but there are a few things you can try out. At the end of the day a professional carpet cleaner has the best equipment and tools to remove stains from your carpet including ink.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning list ways you can attempt to remove ink stains from your carpets.

Hairspray Could Take Out the Ink Stain from Carpet: You can go get a bottle of your normal everyday hairspray to remove the ink. The hairspray should be sprayed directly on the ink stain itself and left to sit on the spot for several minutes. Once you have allowed it to soak for a bit you want to make a water and soap cleanser. You can use this to help blot up the ink and the hairspray. You can repeat the process again if necessary. After this is done you want to follow up with a standard carpet cleaning.
Detergent Can Reduce A Carpet Ink Stain: If you want to use this process you will need to get some dishwashing detergent, water and a spray bottle. Use about one cup of warm water and add a tablespoon of the detergent. Then fill a spray bottle to use to apply to the stain. Saturate the area and allow the mixture to soak in. You can then follow up with a clean cloth to blot away at the stain. Make sure to never scrub the spot since that will only spread the stain out.
WD-40 Can Get Ink Stains Out Of Carpet: If you want to try another technique you can go to a super store and pick up a can of WD-40 which is a lubricating spray. The spray needs to be used with care and only be applied to the area that is stained. The spray needs to sit on the spot for about 20 minutes. Once that has had time to set up you can use soapy water to cleanse the area and use a cloth to blot it up.

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