Best Carpet Stain Remover & What do Avoid When Conducting Carpet Stain Removal in Del Mar CA

Carpet stains seem to always find their way on carpets one way or another. When you see the stains occur, often you experience waves of emotions. Anger, which often results in a tantrum so good even a toddler is put to shame. Following anger is usually sadness, the pouty lip protrudes, defeat courses through bones, and depending on the day a lip might even quiver. Afterwards, determination flints by and now you have purpose, and that is to show the stain who is boss. Every now and then laughter ensues because you realized how silly your fits were and that stains aren’t going to argue with you about who’s the boss. Nonetheless, attending to the stain is now priority, and it’s important that you don’t keep the cycle of emotional waves from continuing.

Steam Magic Carpet and Cleaning would like to point out some common mistakes people do when they attempt to remove stains.

Avoid vigorous rubbing or scrubbing at the carpet stain. Natural instinct, mixed with hostility, often has folks scrubbing and rubbing at stains while they are trying to remove them, resist this impulse. If you need to be aggressive, try harsh language instead. Excessive rubbing and scrubbing will only push the stain out and down making the stain more difficult to remove. Instead, use blotting motions to pull stays up. Using mild or moderate pressure can help accordingly; maximum pressure should only be needed if the unique situation calls for it.
Do not skip the patch test on carpet stains. Whether you prefer commercial premade formulas, or homemade solutions, always do a patch test to ensure the fiber or color will not be compromised. Do the patch test in an inconspicuous area.
Do not use dyed or printed towels, cloths or paper towels, as doing so can transfer the dye and/or print to the carpet, resulting in a near impossible stain to remove. Utilize white cloths, towels and paper towels instead and skip the risk.
Do not use hot water in carpet stain removal. In most cases, using hot water can set the dye, making it next to impossible to remove. Use cool or lukewarm water to treat stains.
Do not treat carpet stains blindly. Carpets are engineered with a variety of fabrics, materials and even chemicals. Certain ingredients can react poorly with the unique carpet blends, so it is optimal to know what ingredients need to be avoided and/or what ingredients are needed.
Do not skip removing excessive moisture from carpet. Many times stains become over saturated with water or cleaners. If left to fester, the excess moisture can damage carpets and/or breed mold underneath the carpet, and will go unnoticed until it is too late to save the carpet. Always control liquids used in stain removal and ensure the sport is dried after stain removal procedures.

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