How to Clean Bathroom Floor, Shower & Bathtub Tile & Grout in La Jolla CA; Sweep Regularly, Avoid Harsh Cleaners & Other Tips

Keep your Grout Spotless and Improve the Look of your Home

Tile flooring is one of the most popular flooring options that homeowners choose. Tile is versatile and comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures. Not only is tile very affordable but it is also extremely durable if you care for it properly. While tile is a fantastic flooring option for your home, there are a few complaints that are often made by homeowners who have tile installed into their home. The number one complaint of tile is not the tile itself, but keeping the grout lines clean. Dirty grout lines can really dull the look of your floor and your home and even give off the inclination that your home is not very clean.

Tile Grout Attracts Dirt, Dust & Water Stains

Because the grout between your tiles generally sits at a lower elevation, it can become a magnet to dirt, dust, grime and other materials that are tracked through your home on a daily basis. When these materials are allowed to settle on the surface of your tile and grout lines, they will slowly begin to sink into your grout, which will result in permanent stains, dark shadowy areas and overall an ugly, tired looking floor. One of the best ways to keep dirt and other materials from settling into your grout is to sweep or vacuum your tile floor once a day. If you vacuum be sure to raise the beater bar on your vacuum cleaner to avoid any scratched or chips to your tile floor.

Avoid Using Harsh Cleaners on Your Tile Grout

One of the biggest and most harmful mistakes homeowners make when it comes to cleaning the grout on their tile floors is purchasing a cleaner that is much too strong. When you use a cleaner that is not specifically meant to be used on grout lines, you can do some serious damage to not only the grout but also your tile floor too. Cleaners that are not meant to be used on grout or tile can wear down the surface, cause discoloration and permanent damage. The best way to keep your grout and tile clean is to hire a professional to get the job done for you, Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning is skilled, experienced and equipped with all of the necessary and safe cleaners to use on your grout lines.

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