How to Clean & Remove Tough Carpet Stains Such as Wine, Juice & Coffee Spills in Mission Valley CA

Keeping your carpet clean can seem like a never ending job. Spills and accidents happen all of the time, and if you throw a pet into that equation then you are sure to have some type of stain on your floor that you just can’t seem to get rid of no matter how many times you douse is with cleaner and scrub until your knuckles are sore. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning knows what stains are tough to get rid of and which ones require extra care and attention. Some spills are not as threatening as other, but some may have you thinking about installing new carpet.

Wine and Juice Carpet Spills are Enemy Number One

Out of all the many different substances that can be spilled onto your carpet, red wine and fruit juice is the biggest enemy to your carpet. Dark red wine spilled onto a carpet will immediately begin seeping into the carpet’s fibers. If you attend to this type of spill quickly, you may miraculously somehow avoid a permanent stain from appearing on your floor. However if a spill of red wine is left unattended to, then you are sure to be left with permanent damage on your carpet. If you are not a wine drinker then no worries, unless you have kids that love to drink juice from their sippy cup. A sippy cup spill happens often, and grape juice will have the same affect on your carpet as that glass of red wine. The best way to get these stains out of your carpet is to contact Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning.

Coffee & Milk Spills will Damage your Carpet and leave a Smell Behind

Coffee spills not only happen in the home, but also in the office as well. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning is proud to offer residential and commercial carpet cleaning service so you can enjoy clean carpet at home and while at work. Coffee drinkers go crazy if they do not have their morning cup of Joe and if they are in a hurry, which most of us are in the morning, then spills happen. Coffee leaves behind some serious discoloration in carpet if it is not cleaned up quickly and properly. Yellow and brownish stains are left behind when coffee is spilled, and if not ever cleaned up, these spills will not only leave an ugly stain behind, but that area of the carpet will also begin to have a foul odor.

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