How to Get Dried Glue Off Carpet in La Mesa, CA; Scratch & Use Hot Iron on Stain or Call Professional Carpet Cleaners!

When you have carpet in your home it is because you want a nice soft and plush surface to walk on. When the carpet is installed it is wonderful with a light and fluffy top that is perfect to walk over. As you use the floor to walk, play, eat and live small spills and dirt will eventually make their way. It is important to treat whatever stain or dirt you find on your carpets as soon as you possible can. This is what is necessary to keep that nice soft feeling that you want. Although this type of spill is less common, glue is a real problem on your carpet. All spills can change the feel of the carpet but glue is one of the worst. The glue will become hard and tacky once it is dried on the carpet. You need to know how to treat these types of spills the right way. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning outlines several methods you can use to remove and clean glue from your carpet.

Scratch the Glue Off Carpet

If you come across a piece of your carpet that has glue on it you want to work fast just like with any other stain or spill. The glue should not be left to dry too long or at all if you can. You want to get a knife or other hard plastic item that you can use to scratch the glue off. Use these hard item to scratch the spot carefully to break the bits off. The scratching should be done little by little and a small area worked on at a time. You are less likely to ruin or damage the carpet if you work slowly and in small areas at a time. You can use a vacuum to remove the scratched off bits.

Use a Hot Iron on Glue Stain

If you want to try another method that can potentially pull the glue off the carpet you can use a hot iron. Get a clean cloth that you are not worried about and lay it over the affected area. Then use your iron on the hottest setting that has no mist. Then use the iron and go over the spot several times to heat the glue up. When the glue gets hot it will become liquid attain and will stick to the cloth. Once it is on the cloth you can pick it up and the carpet should be clean. This will work with many types of glue that include hot glue gun glue.

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If you are not sure that you can get the stain cleaned off your carpet without damaging it further you might need to call a professional. They can come out and clean the spot for you with a pretreatment. If the spot is not able to be cleaned they can look into the options of carpet replacement or carpet patching. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning can remove hard to treat stains!

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