Area Rug Cleaning & Stain Removal Checklist in San Marcos, CA for Area Rugs on Hardwood, Tile & Carpet Flooring

Rugs are a great addition to many rooms and can bring character and warmth to your home. Sometimes people just don’t know what to do with a rug or where they should put it. They might think their space is too small for a rug. Maybe you aren’t sure about covering your tile or stone floors with a rug. No room is too small for a rug and they can go great with any décor. The options of what kind of rug and sizes are literally endless. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning outlines some great ways that an area rug can spruce up any area and different maintenance considerations.

Cleaning Area Rugs on Hardwood & Tile Floors

If you have an area that is covered in hardwood floors or maybe a stone or tile floor, you may want to add some cushion. This is a great space to add a rug. By adding a rug you are first adding a little cushion to the area and a place that you can sit and enjoy. Children and pets love a soft spot to sit and be with family. The second thing that you are adding is some pizazz to the area. The hint of color that a nice area rug brings can help tie the room together. When you have hardwood or tile floors you usually don’t have a lot of separation from room to room. The last thing that a rug can do when adding it to a room that has these hard surfaces is to separate one room from the next. This can allow you an easier time setting up furniture and making it look good. Area rugs should be vacuumed at least weekly to keep dust and dirt from penetrating deeper into the rug fibers and onto the hard floors underneath where they can causes scratches on hardwood. Any spills and pet accidents should be cleaned up right away to avoid the moisture seeping through the rug, any protective pad underneath and finally to the hardwood floor. The moisture will be trapped and leave hard to remove water marks.

How to Clean an Area Rug on Carpet

If you have an area of carpet that you are thinking of adding a rug to it can add so many things to the room. One good thing is if you have an area of high traffic you can add an area rug to help save the integrity of the carpeting underneath. It can also add the same color splash that it would on hard floors. It helps to identify a room and can give you ideas on what colors you could add to the room to tie it all together. Area rugs should be vacuumed weekly and professional cleaned at least once a year. Spills and pet accidents should be treated immediately to prevent stains and odors. If your rugs and the carpet underneath does experience stains and odors, call a professional like Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning!

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