Is Carpet Protector Worth It in Vista, CA? How Long Does it Last when Applied After Cleaning & More

If your carpet is more prone to spills, dirt being tracked onto it or you have pets, then it’s a good idea to add protection after it’s been cleaned. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning delves further into how carpet protection can help you keep your carpets looking like new and lasting longer!

What is Carpet Protector Spray?

Carpet protectors are made up of fluorochemicals with Teflon. When it’s applied to your carpet, you have carpet that is coated with Teflon. Think of your pots and pans that are coated with Teflon and how good they are at preventing food from sticking to them. As time goes by, they get scratched with utensils and the Teflon will wear away. The more careful you are, the longer it will last. Using plastic or wooden utensils instead of metal will keep it looking like new for longer. This is how it works for carpet too. The fibers of the carpet are coated just like the surface of the pans are. The protection will last longer if you don’t wear shoes and vacuum regularly to remove any soil that can be abrasive to your carpet. Not doing so and adding children and pets to the mix will mean you may need to have protection applied at least once a year.

What’s the Best Carpet Protector; Teflon, Scotchgard, Trinova or Other

Dupont Teflon Advanced is the best choice as it contains acid dye blockers along with stain resistant Teflon. Foods, drinks, soils and pet stains are acidic, so an active acid dye blocker prevents the carpet from getting stained. There are some types of stains that are even difficult or Teflon protected carpet to repel like bleach, extremely hot coffee and some other stains. The best thing to do is to treat stains immediately and protect carpet the right way.

How Long Does Carpet Protector Last?

Areas of our carpet that need protection the most are high traffic areas and rooms that are used more than others. If you think about your Teflon coated cooking pans, temperature that reach 400 degrees and hotter will not affect the Teflon. The food cooked in it will lift off easily and will be easy to clean. Teflon is harmed by abrasives. Therefore, the Teflon can’t be removed when strong chemicals are used or the carpet is cleaned. If you have a carpet cleaner say they’ve removed the protection from your carpet after they have cleaned it, they’re lying as it would be extremely difficult to do. The only thing that can be removed is Teflon that has been scratched away from the fibers of the carpet or leftover Teflon. Having protection like scotchgard, will help keep your carpet clean because dirt and oils won’t stick to the carpet because of the Teflon that’s coating the fibers. The soil is easily vacuumed out and keeps your carpet cleaner, but it does not mean that your carpet is clean. Other benefits of carpet protection are that your carpeting will be less susceptible to stains, damage from abrasives and early wear and tear.

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Protection can only be applied after the carpet has been cleaned. To be sure it’s being applied, you can have the technician apply the same protection to a white paper towel. After it dries, it will be able to repel water; if not, you did not get what you paid for. This can be frustrating because having protection applied can cost a chunk of money. You can trust the professionals at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning. Call us today!

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