How to Get Blue & Red Easter Egg Food Coloring Dye Stains Out of Carpet in La Jolla, CA

The spring is a time of year that we celebrate the fresh warm weather. It is the start of the seasons that bring people outdoors more. It also brings Easter celebration. Kids love to celebrate Easter for several reasons. One of course is the fact that they will be getting a basket that is usually filled with goodies. Jelly beans, chocolate and more makes for a great day. The other aspect of Easter is the tradition of dyeing eggs. The egg dyeing process is something that can be a real mess. Parents are setting bowls of dye on a table and giving access to children. The eggs are hard boiled and laid out so the kids can cover them in the dyeing liquid. After the eggs are completed the tradition is that they are hidden by the Easter bunny so the kids can run around and find them. The dyeing process is really where you might run into some trouble. Kids are not always careful and they tend to drip and spill the dye on the ground. This is why you want to use some preventative methods as well as know how to treat the stain.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning Lists Tips to Prevent & Clean Easter Egg Dye Off Your Carpets

How To Prevent Easter Egg Dye Carpet Stains: The first thing is to really come up with some ways to prevent the dye from being spilled on the carpet. One way to do that is to have a tarp laid down under the table before you place any of the bowls of dye. The tarp will hold any dye that has spilled so that you can easily wipe it up with a towel. You can also use towels on the table so that they are a way to absorb any spills or drips that come off the eggs. That way it will not roll off the table and onto the carpet.
Use Cold Water & Dish Soap to Treat Carpet Stains: If you happen to still get the Easter egg dye on your carpet you want to make sure that you get to cleaning right away. The first method you can use is very simple and is dish soap and cold water. Warm water will start to set in the stain while the cold water will help you clean the stain. You want to use dish soap to start the cleaning process. Put soap on the spot and let it set for a few minutes. Then you can use a clean wash cloth and dip it in a bowl of cold water. Use the cloth to dab at the spot which will pull the color from the carpet. You will need to rinse the cloth off and repeat until the stain is gone.
Use Ammonia To Clean Carpet Dye Stains: If the soap and water method has not done the trick you may need to use ammonia to clean the stain. Use a cup of water and mix in a teaspoon of ammonia. You can use the mix on a wash cloth and press it into the spot. Then dab with a clean cloth to pull it back away from the carpet fibers. This method should counteract the dye and allow you to remove it from your carpet.

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