How NOT to Treat Carpet Stains in Mission Valley, CA; Don’t Clean with Hot Water & More

Carpets at some point will inevitably have accidents spills, whether it s from pets, or substances. Different ingredients can attack the stain better than others and some multi-purpose pre-made carpet stain removers can be effective as well. More often than not, the way people approach treating the stain is where a lot of mistakes are made. What is worse, some these mistakes can significantly impact the success of the stain removal process. When it comes to washing the stains out of carpets there are some things that simply must be avoided to increase your odds of removing the challenging stains. Where some stubborn stains may call for a deep professional carpet cleaning, you can take care of many of them on your own. We at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to share some of things you should not do when you are treating carpet stains.

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

1) Not removing the bulk first. Trying to wipe a up bulky globs will cause it to smear. Instead of diving into it, grab a few paper towels and a dull edge tool, like a spoon, butter knife, or spatula, and scoop up the dense bulky junk on the surface gently. Be careful as you don’t want to push any of it deep in the carpet. Wipe it on the paper towels for easy disposal and repeat until all that is left is the residue; then cleanup the spot.
2) Vigorously rubbing and scrubbing. When it comes to addressing the spills, it is important to resist the urge to scrub and rub. This approach only pushes the stain out wider and deeper into the fibers, giving you a bigger spot to remove. Use blotting and patting methods to work the stain out. Always start the outer edges and work your way towards the center for containment
3) Letting substance spills linger. Accident should be cleaned up promptly. Allowing them to fester for any length of time means more work for you. The quicker you attend to the spill, the better you will be able to remove it and the easier it will be. Letting them set gives them a chance to set into the fibers, making it more of a challenge and decreasing your odds of complete removal.
4) Using hot water. When it comes to treating different substances, different ranges of water temperature can contribute. Some directs might call for cool, others warm water. Just never use hot-hot water. Doing so will likely cause the stain to be permanently set into the carpet. Stick with cold water if you are unsure.
5) Not using plain white paper towels, towels, or cloths. Not too many people want to ruin their white cloths or towels treated the red wine spill on the carpet. However, it is important that when treating any stain on your carpets you use plain white paraphernalia. Using any with dyes or prints can inadvertently transfer to your carpets, on top f the stain, giving you a bigger problem.
6) Skipping over the test patch. Whether you opt to use home remedy to clean your carpets, or premade carpet stain remover, never skip the patch test. It should be done in an inconspicuous place in case the fibers react poorly to the ingredients.

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