How to Fluff & Remove Flattened Carpet Dents Left By Heavy Furniture in Poway, CA

Making room for the Christmas tree, holiday decorations, or even adding some extra places to sit for the upcoming holiday feasts, parties, and get-togethers often entails moving some furniture around. More often than not, the rearranging of the furniture leaves behind unsightly dents caused by the legs, weight, and time duration of the furniture. Not only can these dents become an eyesore, but it is also an inconvenient pocket that naturally collect the dirt, hair, and debris. Getting them out can be a challenge depending on the circumstances, which is why we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning have listed a few methods on getting the carpet dents to relax and blend in with the rest of the carpeting.

Removing Carpet Dents with Blow Dryer

1) Clear some space.
2) Generously, spray dents down with water bottle. Do not over saturate the carpet, but you do want it fairly wait.
3) With caution, gently fluff the fibers back into place while blowing the dryer onto the area and using a fork to spring the fibers.
4) Repeat until the dent has relaxed.

How to Get Dents Out of Carpet with a Steam Iron

1) Make some space.
2) On top of the dent, place a clean, dampened cloth.
3) Hover an iron just 3-4 inches above a damp cloth that is placed on top of the dent. Let the heat and steam to disperse for 30-60 seconds.
4) Do not place the iron directly on top of carpet. Doing so can make the fibers burn or melt depending on manufacturing and materials.
5) Repeat if necessary.

How to Remove Carpet Dents with Ice Cubes

(Of the 3 methods listed, this common method is recommended because it is the most gentleness way to remove carpet dents, but the drawback is that it is the longest one to execute.)
1) Give yourself some space.
2) Along the length and width of the dent, drop a few ice cubes.
3) Leave the ice cubes to melt; while they are melting, the carpet fibers will begin to expand and relax.
4) Do not tend to the dent until after a night of leaving the minimal moisture to linger on the dent.
5) If come the morning the area is still fairly damp, use a dry cloth to absorb remaining liquid.
6) Cautiously loosen and fluff the carpet fibers back to their original design with the gentle use of a fork.
7) Repeat if necessary.
If you find that even after repeating a procedure once or twice still is not removing the dent, try one of the other methods to relieve the fibers. Depending on the weight and how long the furniture rested in the same spot, can dictate how long it takes to relax the fibers.

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