Covering & Protection for Carpet, Tile & Hardwood Floors During Christmas Holiday Parties in Del Mar, CA

In preparation for holiday guests and pictures, many opt to get their carpets professionally cleaned. The holiday season brings many traditions; decorating, crafting, baking, social gatherings and so on. Some activities are a hobby you love to indulge in for your own home or as gifts; others are something to keep the kids occupied. No matter what they are, many of these gifts can be stains waiting to happen on your carpets. Protecting the freshly cleaned carpets, tile or refinished hardwood from stains or even the floors that haven’t been professionally cleaned yet, is often a priority for most people. With that in mind, we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to offer some suggestions to minimize the risk of the carpet, tile and hardwood floor stains from the holiday magic.

Tips to Protect Carpets, Tile & Hardwood from Holiday Spills & Stains

1) Welcome Entry Mats. Get into the holiday décor and get Christmas “Welcome” mats to help contain the soil and moisture. If you do not want to invest in a new mat, be sure to clean the old off. Containing the mud, dirt, and pollutant residues from streaming across your carpet and floors is optimal and the mats will get the majority of the filth off the bottom of the shoes and contain it outside.
2) Wash Pets to Cut Down on Pet Hair. Beloved pets are always a pleasure. But their hair/fur is bound to settle on multiple surfaces, including your carpets and clothing, as well as your guests’ clothes. To minimize the fur from blanketing your carpet especially, get your pets shampooed and trimmed up.
3) Fireplace Maintenance. For people that have a fireplace that burns wood, it is essential you keep it cleaned after every use. Soot, embers, ash, and other debris can easily cascade in the airflow and create unsightly stains on your beautiful carpets as well as a mess on your hard floors.
4) Keep Children’s Arts & Crafts Off Carpet. The kids often need to keep their minds and fingers busy as excitement of the holiday’s approaches. Giving them a project to do can help keep them busy while you are hard st work on your tasks. Art, baking, gingerbread houses, and other such crafts that involve stain-causing paraphernalia should be contained in areas that have hard surface flooring; making tile and linoleum optimal. Doing so will help you avoid potential carpet staining blunders. When any spills do occur, be sure to wipe them up immediately.
5) No Shoes on Inside Floors. The “no shoes” policy on carpets, tile and hardwood should be enforced to prevent the outdoor residues from causing stains on floors. Not only will kicking off the shoes help people feel more comfy and homey, but you can have a Christmas Socks theme to drive the point across.
6) Serve White Wine, Not Red to Prevent Stains on Carpets. Merriment comes in many forms during the holidays, and most occasions are served with refreshments. Red wines, hot chocolates and other dark drinks are bound to hit the carpets, causing stains. Instead of the risk, offer clear and white beverages; white wine and champagne as well as other liquors and sparkling ciders. If the lighter drinks spill, they are easier to remove than the red and dark varieties.

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