How to Enforce No Shoes on the Carpet of Your Alpine, CA House & Wear Slippers or Socks Instead

Every family has different routines and traditions that make their family unique. How you celebrate birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions help define the make-up of your family. Some of your daily routines also add to making your family who they are. One routine that many families have is taking off your shoes when you come into your home. You may have grown up with parents who told you to take your shoes off when you enter the house to keep the carpet clean. Or maybe you did not grow up that way but want to make that a priority for your family.

Do Shoes Dirty Carpet?

There are some definite benefits to asking your family and other people that enter into your home to take their shoes off when they come in. When you walk outside your shoes pick up all sorts of dirt and grime from the ground. Dirt, mud, sand, broken glass, oil, and more can all get on the treads of your shoes. If you then wear those shoes into your home you track all of the things that have stuck to your shoes into your home. All of those things can get on your carpet and make it extremely dirty. Simply taking your shoes off when you come in the door will prevent that from happening.

Diseases & Germs on Carpet from Shoes

In addition to all of the dirt and grime that you can bring into your home through your shoes you can also bring bacteria and disease into your home. Germs, bacteria, pollutants, and toxins can also get on your shoes and then into your home if you wear your shoes inside your home. Just think about this – you get bacteria on your shoes and walk onto your carpet. The bacteria transfers to your carpet. Later that day you set your adorable little baby on the very same carpet. See the problem?

Does Wearing Shoes on Carpet Wear it Out?

Another issue is that walking with shoes on in your house forces any dirt, grime, or bacteria that is on your carpet further down into the fibers. Sneakers especially are excellent at digging that dirt deeper into your carpet fibers. High heeled shoes are also large culprits. As you walk with these types of shoes on your feet you are simply making it harder to keep your carpet clean.

Wear Slippers or Socks on Carpet

So is if wearing shoes is bad for your carpet but you do not like walking around without some sort of shoe on what can you do? There are a few different options for you. First you can get a pair of house slippers to wear as you walk around your house. Some people need more support for their feet than slippers provide. If you fall into this category then buying a pair of shoes that you only wear indoors is an excellent solution for you. If you do not like to be barefoot you can simply put some socks on as well.

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Having your home be shoe free will indeed definitely help keep your carpet cleaner. In addition to this precaution you should regularly have your carpets cleaned. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning can come out and use our professional equipment to come and get your carpets cleaner than you can with regular vacuuming. Take care of your carpet and make your appointment today!

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