Health Benefits of Professional Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning in Bonita, CA to Remove Germs & More

Air quality experts claim that the typical homes air is the worst just inside our front doors. All the synthetic products that cover our walls (paint and vinyl wall covering) produce polluting gases. As we seal up our homes to save energy and lower the exchange of fresh air, we allow pollutants to concentrate in our homes. But there are other culprits that affect our health as well, some are alive.

Is Carpet Unsanitary? Germs, Allergens & More

Our carpets trap dirt, viruses, bacteria, molds and mildews. They are a haven for dust mites, allergy causing pollen and dirty dirt. Not the best way to describe it but it captures the gist of the statement. As we and our pets shed all that skin and hair is deposited on our carpets and gleefully consumed by armies of dust mites, an allergen in and of themselves. A lot of airborne pollutants are eventually deposited in our carpets. We feed even more with spilled beverages and crumbs of food, who knows what is breeding down there. As all these elements concentrate and build up in our carpets, they eventually will become a health problem.

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

And consider that vacuuming only captures the surface dirt, none of the deep dirt. So, when weighing the decision to clean or put if off consider the following.
• At best we are oily, having our pets and ourselves producing oil on our skin. The oiliness spreads, the problem, oil locks in dirt to the fibers of your carpet. Given time this oily residue can change the color of your carpets and develop unsightly traffic lanes, that can become permanent.
• Sand particles are silica and are abrasive. These abrasives are cutting and grinding the carpets causing long term damage. The dirt wears away the stain guard, cuts carpet fibers and will break down the backing. Abrasion causes matting of the carpet.
• Your carpet acts as a filter, trapping dangerous and obnoxious air pollutants like pollen, fungi, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, cigarette smoke, tars and residues. If this is so, what happens when the filter is full? It no longer serves as a trap and filter and these pollutants are free to circulate.
• Dust mites serve a purpose in devouring the detritus shed by us and our pets. It is their feces that cause the problem. And these little guys aren’t all, many allergy-inflaming proteins from other sources are trapped as well. These can cause asthma attacks, eczema and rhinitis attacks.
• Ever pull a carpet for replacement and found thick deposits of dirt. A carpet can trap up four times their weight in dirt. These deposits contain dust mites, pet hair and dead dried skin cells, dried pet urine, dust, insect droppings, insect husks, bacteria, mold, volatile organic compounds and other allergy causing deposits.
• Remove shoes before walking on your carpets, this prevents tracked in dirt and forcing the grinding action on embedded dirt. Stains are not only unsightly, clean immediately is the best advice.
• Ever hear of the Norwalk virus, a.k.a. Norovirus. This causes viral gastroenteritis, i.e. food poisoning, food infection, stomach flu and winter vomiting disease, and this virus can survive in your carpets for up to six weeks.
• Carpets are 4,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat.

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Well that is sobering. So how often should you have your carpets cleaned? Not vacuumed but deep cleaned? The suggested period is every six to twelve months. Not only is it healthier, your carpets can last up to twice as long. Steam is the best deep cleaning process for carpets. It removes and kills many of the denizens that have taken up residence in our carpets. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning can handle all your steam cleaning needs. Contact us today!

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